Salted Plums - Saladitos Q'Rico (Pack of 3) - 1.6 oz

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Salted Plums - Saladitos Q'Rico (Pack of 3)
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Q'Rico Dried Salted Apricots - Saladitos

Dried Salted Apricots. Salty Mexican apricots. Also called "chamois" or "saladitos" in Mexico. Q Rico Large saladitos soft pulp (Similar to #2 size plums).

Saladitos originated in China, in Mandarin language is called "Suan-Mei" meaning sour plum. Plums are called 杏子 or "X´┐Żngzi" A way of enjoying this treat is by burying the apricot or plum inside an orange, lemon or lime, sucking the juice until it's dry and then eat the pulp of the soften saladito and discard the pits.


Q'Rico Saladitos Tama´┐Żo Grande

Chabacanos mexicanas saladas. Tambien conocidos como "chamois" o "saladitos". Que Rico. Q Rico Mexican Candies.

Los Saladitos son originarios de China, en el idioma Mandar´┐Żn Saladito se dice "Suan-Mei" que significa ciruela ´┐Żcida. Una forma com´┐Żn de disfrutarlos es sumergirlos en una fruta ya sea naranja o lim´┐Żn y absorviendo el jugo al exprimir la fruta: al terminarse el jugo el chabacano salada estar´┐Ż mas rehidratada y entonces se come la pulpa y se descarta el hueso.


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Absolutely Love
Use to eat these as a kid. I now live where they dont have the Mexican spices too much. Nothing of the candies anyways. Family from back home told me about this store and I couldnt hold back. Once they were delivered I opened and orange and ate two of these with it. The taste took me back to when I was a kid. Good then and good now.
Well packaged None to mention
Frankfort, Indiana
朗 Always fast delivery with an awesome product!
Fast delivery
I love salted apricots
Very tasty
Los Angeles
My FAVE!!! Mexican Candy since I was 12
Omg I love these!! I grew up in Los Angeles, and have been eating these since I was 12 years old, and I'm 33 now. My boyfriend knows I love this candy, so he brings me a bag of them when he's out. When I need a bulk order I come here. If I eat to many my teeth would hurt after if I eat certain foods, that's when I know I've eaten to many :)
They've been so good to me Can't eat to many at one time
Maryland by way of Tucson, AZ
Great find
Been craving these, But I now live in Maryland not Tucson. You can't go wrong buy these.... soft . salty....
soft, not bad size, fresh no cons
Great treat!
I grew up in Arizona eating these all the time. When we moved to Indiana I couldn't find them anywhere-but now I have! Thank you so much for giving me back such a wonderful treat !
Great value! Great taste! These are not as dry as the previous brand you had. THese the meaty part just slides right off, but the other brand they were hard and it took time before the outer part would come loose.
Canton NY
Good title
I love these. They work great in the center of a grapfruit to salt it just perfect.
Review for Salted Apricots - Saladitos Q'Rico
Love them and will order more. Just a little to expensive.
Review for Salted Apricots - Saladitos Q'Rico
Grew up in Mexico and used to eat these all the time. Moved to Texas and it got to where I could not find them. These chamois are HUGE and very fresh! Thanks.
Review for Salted Apricots - Saladitos Q'Rico
I also ate these all the time growing up in AZ but moved to OH and they were nowhere to be found. So glad I found this site!
Review for Salted Apricots - Saladitos Q'Rico
I was born in the southwest and now live on the east coast. It is great to be able to get my favorite treats! These are great--just like I used to eat them, soaked in a lemon!
Review for Salted Apricots - Saladitos Q'Rico
I used to eat these all the time living in LA but I moved to Indiana and can't find them anywhere. . until now.
Review for Salted Apricots - Saladitos Q'Rico
I used to eat these all the time growing up in AZ, but I can't seem to find them anywhere here in IL. These are so good and now my kids love them and it's easy for me to get them now through this site.

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