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In 1914 two Mexican clans, Herdez Del Castillo and Hernandez Pons blended their traditions and philosophies to build The Herdez Corporation. Herdez is an empire built on trust and quality, a strong family tradition that set the tone for generations to follow. Herdez has numerous locations throughout the Mexican Republic, employing more than 5,000 people. Hormel Foods Corporation based in Minnesota, partnered up with Herdez in 1996 to distribute a wide variety of Bufalo, Dona Maria and of course Herdez products to consumers in the United States.

Herdez has a delicious line of canned fruits, that allows you to create delicious desserts to pamper your family. You can enjoy the Herdez line of fruits by themselves right out of the can or let them be part of your daily inspirations when preparing delicious dishes and desserts that will delight your friends and family. So Today open a can of Herdez Mango or Whole Guavas and pamper your family with delicious gelatin or yogurts.

Everytime you open a can of Herdez Marinated Mushroom (Champinones en Escabeche), you know they are the most fresh and nutritious. Herdez Marinated Mushrooms are the perfect compliment to omelettes, queso fundido, mushroom soufflé and spicy mushroom soup. Use Herdez Marinated Mushrooms to create a variety of dishes to pamper yourself and your family with your personal touch. Herdez Marinated Mushrooms are a great source of B1 vitamins and niacin which help our bodies produce energy.

Herdez brings out all the freshness and flavor from your favorite fruits to bring you and your family the best Herdez Juices and Nectars. Herdez Tropical fruit Juice is the perfect tropical fruit punch made from tropical fruits like: papaya, grapefruit, orange, mango, pineapple, guava and lime. Herdez Tropical Fruit Juice, is such a delicious combination of tropical juices you will love to have it breakfast or mid-day.

Proudly delivering authentic Mexican food directly to your door for over 18 years.

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