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Burrito Lovers Mexican CookBook
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Author(s): Shayne and Lee Fischer

Burrito Lovers Cook Book

An incredible array of tasty burrito fillings. Includes breakfast burritos, main dish burritos (beans, beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetarian) and dessert burritos. More than 85 Great Recipes!

A Burrito es a great way to eat an incredible variety of fillings wrapped in tasty flour tortillas. From beans to meat, pultry and seafood, burritos run the gamut from simple to sublime. Stuffed with your favorite savory meat concoctions or filled with tantalizing vegetarian creations, burritos fill our need for tasty, hearty comfort food that is both easy to prepare and easy to eat. Try them with your favorite Mexican Salsa.

Some of the Burrito Lovers Recipes included in this Mexican Cookbook

Sunrise burritos, Ranchero burritos, Anasazi Bean burritos, Green Chile burritos, Crock pot burritos, Steak burritos, Red chile burritos, Machaca burritos, Pork Chalupa burritos, Chicken fajita burritos, Pollo verde burritos, Mazatlan burritos, Swordfish burritos, Scalloped burritos, Spinach burritos, Hominy burritos, Tofu and rice burritos, Corny burritos, Heart Smart burritos, Cherry burritos, Apple raisin burritos and many more.
ISBN 1-885590-95-4

How to fold a Burrito

1. Place filling abourt halfway between the center of the tortilla and the edge nearest you.
2. Fold the edge of the tortilla nearest you securely over the filling.
3. Fold the sides to close each end that was left open by the first fold.
4. Finish by rolling the tortilla away from you until it is completely closed.


Burrito Lovers Mexican CookBook


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