Roland CousCous Precooked - 12 oz

Roland CousCous Precooked
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Couscous - Roland Cous Cous Precooked Cous-Cous

Roland Couscous or Cous Cous is pure semolina of wheat, granular in appearance. It is the base for a variety of great dishes which add cooked vegetables, meats or chicken. It is low in fat, easy to digest and is an economical and welcome alternative to pasta or rice. Couscous is simply cooked by letting it soak (water, broth and other combinations) for about 10 minutes. Roland Couscous may also be made by soaking overnight in diluted lemon juice. At this point tomatoes, shrimp, herbs and spices can be added to make a summer salad meal.

Couscous is the separated grain of the wheat plant. When dried and milled, it becomes semolina flour, which is what pasta is made out of. However, as a grain, it makes a terrific rice substitute that has the advantage of being more flavorful (nutty with an interesting texture as long as it is not over cooked) as well as about five times quicker to make than rice.


Roland Couscous 12 oz

Couscous - Grano de Semolina Esponjado

El couscous es originario de T


Roland CousCous Precooked

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