Roland Sliced Water Chestnuts - 29 oz

Roland Sliced Water Chestnuts
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Water Chestnut - Chinese Water Chestnuts

Roland Sliced Water Chestnuts are the edible tubers of a water plant indigenous to Southeast Asia. Water chestnuts are generally the size of a nickel approximately 1/8 inch thick. They have a firm crunchy white texture and a hint of sweetness. Sliced Water Chestnuts are a basic vegetable ingredient for a wide range of Asian dishes. They are fully cooked, just need to be heated and added to your preferred dish.

Chinese water chestnuts (eleocharis dulcis) are white with a mild sweet flavor and a crunchy texture similar to apples. When fresh they are similar to chestnuts, but they are not nuts. Water chestnuts are considered a tuber. The waterchestnut grows underwater in mud and it looks like a small tulip bulb.


Roland Sliced Water Chestnuts - #10 can

Las castañas de agua en rodajas son un ingrediente vegetal básico en muchos platos Asiáticos. Vienen listas para comer. Solamente calientelas y añada a su plato predilecto.


Roland Sliced Water Chestnuts

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