Roland Pre-cut Hearts of Palm - 28 oz

Roland Pre-cut Hearts of Palm
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Pre-cut Hearts of Palm - Palmito

Roland Pre-cut Hearts of Palm are the prized edible hearts of young palm trees. They have a silky texture and a delicate flavor resembling that of an artichoke. These slender, pale ivory stalks have been pre-cut for the convenience of the chef, when the whole stalk is not needed. Most commonly they are chilled and served in salad and appetizer dishes. They may be heated or deep-fried. Because of their citric acid content, Hearts of Palm should be rinsed in cold water before using.

Hearts of Palm are a Central/South American vegetable, with a delicate taste similar to artichokes/asparagus: - they come from a variety of a young Pejibaye tree, a small tree native to the American tropics and a look-a-like to the African Palm tree when fully grown. The plant is self-sufficient, and grows in the wilds of the tropical jungles, and on commercial plantations.

Hearts of Palm contain no palm oil, and they are actually a good health food. Hearts of Palm are the center cord of the young palm tree, have no cholesterol, and contain very low calories. Hearts Palm Salad. Hearts of palm do not contain cholesterol.


Roland Corazon de Palmito en trozos - 28 oz

Los cortes y puntas de palmitos tiene una textura firme. Son una buena adición a una ensalada veraniega con vinagreta.

El palmito es considerado como un producto gourmet; es muy poco conocido y salvo en el caso de Francia, en los otros países solamente se utiliza en ocasiones muy especiales. Tradicionalmente Brasil ha sido el país exportador de palmito, aunque también es el mayor consumidor mundial.


Roland Pre-cut Hearts of Palm


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