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Our Lady of Guadalupe Statues - Now you too can celebrate this wonderful miracle and show your devotion by making a beautiful addition to your home with the Virgin of Guadalupe and Juan Diego statues. Place them at home, your office, school or Church as well as give them as gifts so the Virgin of Guadalupe will always bless and protect you and your loved ones. These statues are a daily reminder of her eternal love, compassion and protection for the world.

Give the gift of faith with MexGrocer.com’s Our Lady of Guadalupe statues.

In 1531 a hill northwest of Mexico City called Tepeyac became the setting of a miraculous event that would forever change history. When a humble Indian named Juan Diego passed the hill of Tepeyac a beautiful Aztec princess appeared before him and identified herself as Holy Mary, the Mother of the true God, who was the Creator of all things and the Lord of heaven and earth. She told Juan Diego that she wanted a church to be built on the site where they were standing and that she wished for him to send her request to the bishop. Juan Diego did as he was told and visited the bishop Juan Zumarraga with her message, but the bishop was hesitant of his story and requested he return the next day with a sign from the Lady from Heaven. The Virgin of Guadalupe appeared again before Juan Diego when he returned from his visit to the bishop, he told her he had been rejected by him and she replied that she would send the sign that the bishop had requested. She sent Juan Diego to the top of the hill to gather an assortment of flowers, when he reached the top he saw the most beautiful Castilian roses that had never bloomed there during the winter season. He quickly gathered them and took them to the Virgin of Guadalupe, who placed her Holy hands on the roses and arranged them in his cloak while instructing him to take the roses to the bishop. Juan Diego returned to the bishop where he released the roses from his cloak to reveal a beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that was imprinted on the fabric.

Juan Diego’s cloak was made from a poor quality cactus cloth that should have decayed and deteriorated years ago but has remained intact with the beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe for more then 479 years. What is also amazing is that the Virgin of Guadalupe’s eyes on the cloak reflect exactly what was in front of her in 1531 when Juan Diego presented himself before the bishop with the Castilian roses. Her image is truly a remarkable symbol of her universal help and protection for all humanity, as well as representing her unending love and compassion.

Today Juan Diego’s cloak rests at the Basilica of Guadalupe, the Church that was built in her honor just as she requested and sits exactly on the site where she appeared to Juan Diego: the Hill of Tepeyac. Every year millions of people visit the Basilica and honor the special devotion that is the Virgin of Guadalupe. The celebration of her miraculous apparition to Juan Diego is celebrated every 12th of December with a special mass in the Basilica where the “Mananitas” and other songs are dedicated to her.

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