Our Lady of Guadalupe Frames and Icons

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Remember the miracle that occurred on the hill of Tepeyac by adorning your home with the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. MexGrocer.com has a wonderful selection of frames & icons with the replica of the beautiful image that was imprinted on Juan Diego’s cloak. So the Virgin of Guadalupe can bless and protect your family and home, as well as serve as a reminder of faith, hope and love.

Our Lady of Guadalupe frames & icons make excellent gifts and are ideal for Churches, Schools, Homes and Offices, so the Virgin of Guadalupe can bless and watch over your loved ones and friends.

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The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe

On December 1531 on the Hill of Tepeyac a humble Native American named Juan Diego became the protagonist of an incredible story. Early one morning while passing by the Hill of Tepeyac in order to attend Mass in Mexico City, Juan Diego heard what he described to be the most beautiful singing of birds that seemed to come from heaven. He decided to find where it was coming from and while searching the source of the celestial music he suddenly heard the voice of a young woman who was lovingly calling his name, he rushed towards the top of the hill where he saw a radiant woman clothed in the most splendid light. He described her as being dressed with the sun. She identified herself as the Ever Virgin Holy Mary, Mother of God. The Virgin Mary told Juan Diego that she desired he visit the bishop Juan Zumarraga and tell him that she wanted a church to be built on the Hill of Tepeyac in her honor, where she could hear the petitions and prayers of her children. Juan Diego did as he was told and visited the bishop with her request.

The bishop Juan Zumarraga had secretly prayed for the intercession of the Virgin Mary, for the Spaniards who had conquered the native people of Mexico were treating them harshly, causing a rift between the Spaniards and the Aztecs. When Juan Diego told the bishop about the Lady from Heaven that had appeared to him, the bishop was hesitant about his story though he began to wonder if it was the answer to his prayers. Juan Diego returned to the Hill of Tepeyac where he told the Virgin Mary of the bishop’s rejection to his story and asked her to choose someone else more worthy then him, to whom she replied that he was the one she wanted to carry out her request and that he was chosen to be her messenger. She asked him to return once again to the bishop. When he did this, the bishop became impressed by his persistence and told Juan Diego that he needed a sign from the Virgin Mary to know that it was really her. When Juan Diego told her of the bishop’s request, she told him to return the next day so she could him the sign he needed.

The following day Juan Diego found his uncle terribly ill and on the brink of death, unable to return to the Hill of Tepeyac he stayed home to care for his uncle. Soon after when his uncle’s condition worsened, Juan Diego set out to find a priest in the city on the early morning of December 12th. He knew the lady from heaven would understand why he had been unable to go to the hill of Tepeyac, but while heading to the city she appeared to him and told him not worry, that she was watching over him and that his uncle was already healed. Juan Diego would later learn that she had appeared to his uncle and healed him, where she identified herself by the name that is so lovingly known today “The Virgin of Guadalupe”.

The Virgin of Guadalupe told Juan Diego that he would find an assortment of flowers atop the Hill of Tepeyac, she told him to gather them and bring them back to her. When he did, Juan Diego was amazed to see the most beautiful Castilian roses growing at the hill, roses that did not grow there during the winter season. He quickly gathered them onto his cloak and brought them to the Virgin of Guadalupe who placed her Holy hands on the flowers and arranged them while rolling up his cloak to cover them. She told Juan Diego not to unfurl his cloak until he reached the bishop. When he arrived and was finally allowed to see the bishop, he told him the Virgin Mary had given him the sign he requested and unfurled his cloak. When the flowers fell to the floor everyone in the room looked on with amazement and fell to their knees. When Juan Diego looked down he saw that the miraculous image of the Virgin of Guadalupe the beautiful lady he had seen at the hill of Tepeyac had been imprinted on his cloak.

The bishop promised to build the church the Virgin Mary had requested, a beautiful church that became known as the Basilica of Guadalupe where Juan Diego’s cloak rests and where millions of people continue to visit and see her beautiful image. Many miracles and cures have been attributed to her and just as she told Juan Diego for more then 479 years she has been protecting her children and listening to their petitions.

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