Our Lady of Guadalupe Prayer Cards

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Prayer Cards are about the size of a collectible card, one side depicts a religious scene or a saint while the other side contains a prayer in dedication to the saint or the religious image. Prayer cards are a source of faith, inspiration, hope and consolation since they are used for prayer and meditation. The holy cards can be used as bookmarks, slipped inside Holiday & greeting cards as a beautiful gift to a loved one; it can be handed out during special occasions such as baptism and communion, as well being kept in wallets for guidance and protection. Prayer cards help you to grow closer to God and your faith, as well as giving you peace and comfort.

Pope John Paul II

Let his holiness Pope John Paul II inspire you to grow closer to God, as well as being a reminder of your Catholic faith and an inspiration in your daily life. Adorn the walls of your church, office, school or home with the full color picture of his Holiness or take the holy cards with the image of Pope John Paul II wherever you go, keep it in your wallet or purse as a beautiful reminder of faith and hope.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

We have a beautiful selection of Our Lady of Guadalupe prayer cards for you to choose from, so you can keep her close to you wherever you go. The Holy Cards have beautiful images of the Virgin of Guadalupe & Juan Diego while prayers and devotions that can be recited to them are on the other side of the cards. Pray to the Virgin Mary for her protection, comfort and guidance, and ask for St. Juan Diego’s intercession before God, so just as he was comforted by the Virgin of Guadalupe when his uncle was ill you too will receive the comfort and blessing of God and the Virgin Mary.

We also have a unique Pull out Prayer Pen of Our Lady of Guadalupe that pulls out and retracts to reveal a beautiful replica of the image that appeared on Juan Diego’s cloak, as well as traditional Catholic prayers that you can keep close to you at all times.

For more beautiful prayers try the Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe which is a small prayer book that includes prayers that can be recited for nine days as a special devotion to the Virgin Mary. That will help you grow closer to God and his Holy Mother, so you can receive their protection and blessings as well as giving you hope and faith.

If you are interested in learning about the Virgin of Guadalupe, we recommend you to read The Wonder of Guadalupe book by Francis Johnston. This book tells the complete story of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to a humble Native American named Juan Diego and how her miraculous image was imprinted on his cloak, an event that changed history forever. Francis Johnston’s book also talks in more detail about the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe that rests at the Basilica in Mexico, describing that it is more like a photograph then a painting and how the cloak on which the image is imprinted should have disintegrated years ago but remains intact till this day. Learn about the miracles attributed to the Virgin Mary and the incredible power of the devotion to her through this amazing book that can be shared with the whole family.

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