Herdez Chile Peppers

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Herdez Chile Peppers

In 1961 a new brand that has made history was born: Herdez. One of its first products launched into the market within this brand where the canned Herdez Chiles: Jalapenos, Chipotle and Serranos.

Jalapenos en Escabeche (Pickled Jalapenos) will give all your dishes a delicious spicy touch. Ready to eat from the can, either whole or sliced, the Herdez Jalapenos will make your taste buds go wild. Use Jalapenos on sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos or even stuff them with cheese or tuna for a delicious appetizer.

Make delicious green salsa with the Herdez Serrano Peppers the traditional Mexican hot pepper. Serrano peppers are hotter than Jalapenos, but just as delicious. Its thick flesh and spicy seeds will leave you with a clean-biting, pleasantly spicy taste. Most common uses for Serrano Peppers are in salsa, sauces, guacamole, or anything that needs to be "spiced up".

Herdez Chipotle in Adobo sauce, it’s the smoked red jalapeño peppers in spices, vinegar, tomatoes and ancho chiles that will give a spicy touch to any dish that needs a kick. Chipotles are Medium-thick fleshed, with a subtle deep rounded heat; they are excellent in sauces, soups, and as a seasoning for meats and stews. Make delicious meatballs with Herdez Chipotle in Adobo, you can add the whole chipotle or just a little bit depending on how much heat you want.

Jalapenos, Serrano and Chipotle peppers are a great source of Vitamin E and A as well as proteins and dietary fibers that can help with growth and body development, reduce triglyceride levels, and stimulate visual sharpness.

So open up a can of Herdez Chiles today and taste a little bit of Mexico! Con toda confianza…. Es Herdez!

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