Loteria Don Clemente De Lujo en caja 10 tablas - 1 unit

Don Clemente
Loteria Don Clemente De Lujo en caja 10 tablas
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Deluxe Lottery - Loteria de Lujo en Caja 10 tables by Don Clemente

Loteria Mexicana You'll spend endless hours of fun with the Lottery board game Don Clemente (10 tables). It is also the perfect game for kids parties. This new lottery game, is more fun for your family.

Lottery is very similar to bingo, a game of chance using the images on a deck of cards rather than pure numbers or ping pong balls . Every picture on the deck of cards has a name and number assigned, although the numbers are usually ignored. Each player must use a table, which is a randomly created table (4x4) with its corresponding number and name. All players have to choose between multiple tables, the table you will play with. Each table has a different selection of images.

The deck consists of 54 different images, one on each card. To start the game, there must be a dealer who will choose random cards and will name each one out loud, sometimes using a riddle or humorous tone, rather than simply reading the names. Players must mark the images that the dealer has called out with a game piece or any type of marker (in Mexico it is common to use pinto beans as markers). The first player to score with 4 pieces in a horizontal row, vertical, diagonal or any other pattern (specified in the game) or fill out the table first, shouts "Lottery!" and that player automatically wins.


Loteria Don Clemente De Lujo con 10 tablas

Pasaras horas de diversion sin fin con el juego de mesa de Loteria Don Clemente (10 tablas). Tambien es el juego perfecto para las fiestas de los ni


Loteria Don Clemente De Lujo en caja 10 tablas



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