Avocado Oil Cate de mi Corazon - 8.45 oz

Cate de mi Corazon
Avocado Oil Cate de mi Corazon
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Pure Avocado Oil - 250 ml. /8.45 oz.: made with 100% pure avocado Oil.

In our Mexican culture, avocados is more than a tasty fruit, is part of our wonderful folklore. For 3 generations, we have dedicated our life to grow Mexican avocados in the rich fields of Michoacan and now we cannot be more proud to share with the world our fine, pure, never blended, full flavor 100% Pure Avocado Oil from Cate de Mi Corazon.


  • The important Betasterol content in Pure Avocado Oil and Hot & Spicy Avocado Oil - Cate de Mi Corazon helps to reduce the formation of free radicals.
  • Cate de Mi Coraz?n has the highest smoke point (the highest of all oils ? 520oF / 270oC) makes it ideal for cooking, frying or even dressing your favorite meals.
  • We processed under strict international Quality Control Standards.
  • Its subtle and characteristic buttery flavor is found only in avocados carefully selected and harvested in the perfect moment.
  • It is rich in monounsaturated fat (more tan 3 times that found in corn or safflower oils) and recommended by the medical community.

Why Cate de mi Corazon - Avocado Oils are good for you?

1. Reduces Bad Cholesterol: Avocado oil is well known to be a food that reduces the level of LDL (low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol) and increases HDL (high density lipoprotein or good cholesterol) in the blood.

2. High antioxidant Content: Antioxidants contained in avocado oil could help to neutralize free radicals that can cause cell damage, premature aging, cardiac and cancer.

3. Vitamins A, B D & E, Minerals, Omegas: Its high content of vitamins aids to improve metabolic functions and helps in the absorption of calcium in our body.

4. Phytosteroles, Lutein & Glutathoine: Contains Phytosteroles (Beta-Sitosterol), Lutein (Good for preventing eye diseases) Glutathione (An antioxidant consisting on 3 amino acids and is listed as a useful element to prevent the development of mouth cancer.

5. Associated benefits: The Avocado is one of the most complete fruit in the market, therefore many associated benefits can be found in its oil, such as: Free radical elimination, prostate problems, visual diseases, aging, and other many benefits.

6. Highest Smoke Point: The smoke point is the temperature where oil starts to burn or loose characteristics. Avocado Oil has the highest smoke point 520oF (271oC)


Aceite de Aguacate Puro marca Cate de mi Corazón


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The best avocado oil ive ever taste
Cate de mi Corazón Hot & Spicy and Cate de mi Corazon plain are an excellent products for cooking and dressing. I use them in Mexico in everything I cook.


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