Juanita's Pozole - Pork & Hominy Soup - 25 oz

Juanita's Pozole - Pork & Hominy Soup
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Pozole - Pork & Hominy Soup by Juanita's

About Pozole: Pozole or Posole is a Robust, medium spicy soup with pork or chicken, hominy, onions and spices. A Mexican stew similar to Menudo.

Juanita's pozole is is made by simmering hominy with lean chunks of pork and red chiles. Serve with toppings of crisp shredded cabbage, sliced radishes, diced raw onions, a dash of fresh lime juice and dried oregano. (posole stew) (maiz cacahuazintle or pozolero).

Pozole is another traditional Mexican stew and is equally well received as Menudo. Originally, Pozole or posole was served on Christmas Eve, but due to its popularity it is now a favorite meal after church, on a cold day, or at any family gathering throughout the year. This rich savory stew warms the spirit with its robust flavor and hearty ingredients.


Juanita's Pozole de Puerco

Pozole Juanita's preparado con carne de puerco y maíz blanco con cebolla y especias. Picor mediano. (posole)


En el idioma náhuatl ""POZOLLI"" significa espuma. En efecto, los granos de maíz más grandes y blancos (denominados cacahuazintle o reventón) al hervir se abren como flor y forman una espuma.
Esta forma de cocinar el maíz es prehispánica y, según relata Fray Bernardino de Sahagún en su HISTORIA GENERAL DE LAS COSAS DE LA NUEVA ESPAÑA, durante las fiestas en honor del dios Xipe, a Moctezuma se le enviaba un pozole con un muslo de algún muchacho prisionero y sacrificado.
En nuestros tiempos, el pozole es platillo difundido en casi todo el país, los más famosos son los de Jalisco, Michoacán, Tepic, Colima, Guanajuato y Guerrero. Entre los que se destacan, desde luego, el pozole blanco que es el básico, de donde se derivan los demás.
Se sirven en muchos restaurantes, se preparan en todas las casas, y hay infinidad de pozolerías en pueblos y ciudades.
Los parranderos aseguran que es remedio infalible para curar las crudas, y es un clásico para la hora de la ""tornaboda"", de madrugada, al terminar la fiesta nupcial.
Antes de ser cocinado, el maíz debe ser limpiado y descabezado. Existen varias técnicas para ello, a un kilo de maíz se mezclan 50 gms. de cal; se pone a fuego vivo con 5 litros de agua hasta que suelte el hervor, se remueve muy bien con un palo de madera, se retira de la lumbre y se deja toda la noche.
Al día siguiente, sobre un canasto extendido y bajo un chorrito de agua fría, el maíz se restriega para que suelte su piel. Luego se quita la cabecita a cada grano.


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By Shelly
Houston, Texas
Pozole pork and homony soup a cultural must!
November 14, 2021
I would love to like meunudo but pork and homony is what I choose.
Meunudo taste "organy" but has a lot in the soup. Just too much "f-l-a-v-o-u-r!?"(love the red broth in pozole and meunudo.

  • Pozole has no offal in it. I add corn; some kind of beans in it; corn; and cut up tomatoes. Then add some red hot sauce. Love the red sauce and plenty of ingredients in soup.
  • Campbell's food is not the only "good food!"
  • Add a cold Coke Zero for a chaser is a desired quick meal; love my meal tonight.
  • You have to aquire a taste for Menudo. Pozole is just mildly spicey and good. Need Mexican corn bread to eat with it or home made hush puppies?!
  • I don't get "over-served" with alcohol: so it is just what I love to eat; not to "sober-up!?"
  • All is good in the end!? No one is "hangry" or "hungry!?"
By el d.
Alamogordo, NM
Juanita's is Juanita's
August 5, 2014
Bought eight cans; received: two cans stacked per wrap of tissue paper then corrugated heavy duty brown paper-carefully tightly rolled/wrapped ends/nested in cardboard box. Each stack well cushioned with wrappings. All cans pristine, no bulges, undented, best buy date 25-MAR-2017. Pop top seal complete sealed, spotless, no dented rims. By my delivery address sticker a bright red font white label complete with arrows stating this side up/fragile/handle with care. Box sealed with logo paper tape but not completely covering all seams, seams did get caught on something during travels. Delivered from online order from San Diego to middle of New Mexico in five days total.
  • Heaven in a can, good soup base for homemade, and
  • very fair priced-I researched this extensively...
  • wanted 29.5 oz sized cans
By Steve
Fantastic Pazole
February 6, 2014
All I can say is WOW! I was looking to get Pozole around Christmas time and here in CT there was none to be found! Most Mexican restaurants don't serve this wonderful soup that I loved growing up in NM. Well a cook at a local Mexican restaurant suggested I try Juanita's Pozole. I couldn't find it at any market, but found it here on Mexgrocer.com. It was truly fantastic! As good as I have had. Order this now!
By Jay
Syracuse NY
As close to homemade as you can get!!
December 15, 2011
OK, so when I make my own pozole there are no questionable pork pieces BUT this pozole is awsome! Delicious !
  • Flavor and nice hominy
  • A little pricey and alittle too much salt
By Yummy M.
Review for Juanita's Pozole - Pork & Hominy Soup
August 3, 2009
This stuff if awesome. This is just as good as any authentic made from scratch pozole I have ever eaten. Highly recommended for those of you that love pozole but don't have enough time to simmer everything up yourself.



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