Bufalo Botanera Hot Sauce - 12.3 oz

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This mild but very tasty sauce is designed for chicharrones but actually could be used on tacos, fried fish, and grilled meats. It is excellent as a child's introduction to hot sauce.
Bufalo Botanera - Mexican Hot Sauce 12.3 oz

Salsa para Botanas Bufalo is made from the Guajillo Peppers - one of the most commonly grown chiles in Mexico - and the Chile de Arbol - an intensely hot chile used in Mexican cooking. Bufalo Botanera Hot Sauce is perfect to accompany your snacks at any time by giving them a delicious, intense and spicy flavor. Primarily used to spice up chips or pork skins. Bufalo Botanera Hot Sauce goes well with popcorn, bufalo wings, hot dogs, nuggets, potato chips, french fries, pizza or any drink you like. Bufalo Botanera Salsa is the authentic one! Turn your cravings on!

Calories 15 per serving (28g)

Ingredients: Water, Iodized Salt, Guajillo pepper, Arbol Pepper, Corn Starch modified, Acetic Acid, Spices, Sodium Benzoate 0.1% (as preservative), Xanthan Gum, and FD&C Yellow 6.

Bufalo Botanera - Mexican Hot Sauce 12.3 oz

Salsa para Botanas Bufalo esta hecha con Chile Guajillo - uno de los chiles mas comunes en Mexico - Y chile de Arbol - el chile mas picoso que hay, usado para cocinar. Salsa Botanera Bufalo convino el chile de Arbol y Guajillo para crear la salsa botanera ideal para acompañar todas tus botanas en cualquier momento dandole un exquisito e intenso sabor picante. Salsa para Botanas Bufalo le da sabor a las papas fritas y especialmente los chicharrones. Salsa para Botanas Bufalo se lleva de maravilla con palomitas de maiz, alitas, hot dogs, nuggets, papas fritas, papas a la francesa, pizza o cualquier bebida que se te antoje. Salsa para Botanas Bufalo, la autentica chicharronera. Enciende tu antojo!

5 Calorias por porcion (10 ml)

Ingredientes: Agua, Sal Yodatada, Chile de Arbol, Almidon de Maiz modificado, Acido Acetico, Especias, 0.1% de Benzoato de Sodio como conservador. Goma de Xantano, y Colorante Amarillo 6 FD&C.

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Bufalo Botanera Hot Sauce - 12.3 oz
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Chris Daly
5 Stars

Review for Bufalo Botanera Hot Sauce
April 21, 2010

Enjoy the taste of this Sauce - it's crisp and full of flavor

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