Tuna on Parsley Sauce Seafood Mexican Recipe

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Receta de atún con salsa de perejil

Cook Time:20



_ cup of parsley flakes1 cup of white wine or_ cup of water and_ cup of white vinegar3 oil tablespoons4 chopped onion tablespoons1 tuna can1 cooked potato cut into cubes


Strain in the strainer the parsley flakes, the white wine or water, and the vinegar.On a frying-pan put oil and cook the onion, add the strained mixture and season with salt and pepper, let it boil for a while.Add the tuna and the potato, and let it cook for few minutes to get the flavor of all the ingredients.

Enjoy this delicious tuna on parsley sauce Mexican recipe!

Receta de atún con salsa de perejil

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Tuna on Parsley Sauce

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