Summer Crab Wraps Recipe

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Crab Wrap Recipe

Cook Time:30



8 oz. lump Crab meat1 large (about 14 ounces) Mango1 tsp. Salt2 oz. Vermicelli Rice8 oz. Cream Cheese at room temperature2/3 cup Cilantro chopped10 Mission® Fajita sized Flour Tortilla10 leaves Boston Lettuce3 Scallions or Green Onions


1. Cut mango into strips 1/2 inch by 2-1/2 inches. Cut lettuce in half, discarding center ribs. Trim each green onion into 2 5-inch lengths; slice lengthwise into very thin strips.

2. Place salt and vermicelli rice in a pan of boiling water and cook until tender, 2 to 3 minutes. Drain and rinse in cold water.

3. For cheese spread; process cream cheese, cilantro and mint in a food processor until smooth.

4. Working with 1 tortilla at a time, lightly moisten both sides with water. Spread a layer of cheese spread on tortilla. Partially cover lower third of tortilla with 1 piece of lettuce, 1 piece of crab(if using lump crabmeat, 2 Tablespoons), 2 pieces of mango, end to end, and 1/4 cup vermicelli. Cover with 4 strips of green onion. Roll into a cylinder. Repeat with remaining tortillas.

5. Wrap each roll in plastic. Refrigerate 2 hours to firm the cheese spread. When ready to serve, unwrap the wrap and cut each roll in 4 slices.

Enjoy this delicious crab wraps Mexican recipe!

Crab Wrap Recipe

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Summer Crab Wraps Recipe

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