Tuna Casserole Mexican Recipe

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Tuna Casserole Mexican recipe

Cook Time:20



300 grs. of fresh tuna cutted on cubes2 flour tablespoons3 oil tablespoons2 garlic cloves2 onion tablespoons1 chopped carrot1 sprig of chopped celery2 chopped plucked tomatoes cup white vinegar cup water or1 cup white wine1 salt tablespoon pepper tablespoon1 laurel leaf


1. Cover the fish with flour, and then fry it in oil with the garlic and the onion, finally ,add the vegetables and the tomato.After 5 minutes add the vinegar and the water or white wine, season with salt , pepper and laurel. Cover and let it boil for other 20 minutes.

Enjoy this delicious tuna casserole Mexican recipe!

Tuna Casserole Mexican recipe

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Tuna Casserole Mexican Recipe

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