Sardine Pudding Recipe

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Sardines with Tomato Sauce Bake with Tortillas Mexican recipe

Cook Time:30



1 can of sardines on tomato sauce16 tortillas3 Poblano peppers3 tomatoes2 cups sour cream1 cup fresh cheeseoilsalt


1. Roast, sweat, clear the veins and cutt the pepper in slices. Roast, pull out the skin and chop the tomato. Slightly fry the tortillas and drain the excess of water. Lay some tortillas on a refractory with oil on it, and on top of them put the roasted slices, the tomato, the cheese, the sardines and the sour cream.Lay other set of tortillas at the top, and then, add again the other ingredients, finally cover it with another set of tortillas. Cover with shredded cheese and sour cream; bake on the oven for 30 minutes at a medium temperature and serve right after.

Enjoy this delicious sardine pudding Mexican recipe!

Sardines with Tomato Sauce Bake with Tortillas Mexican recipe

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Sardine Pudding Recipe

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