Mexican Style Clams Recipe

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Almejas a la Mexicana - Clams prepared Mexican Style

Cook Time:20



2 kgs. of white little clams1 small onion2 big tomatoes2 chopped parsley tablespoons3 serrano green chilies1 chopped cilantro tablespoon4 olive oil tablespoonssalt and pepper


1. Cut the onion and the tomato into little pieces, as well as the serrano pepper. Wash very well the clams (almejas in Spanish) in their shells. Arrange them on a deep pan. Fill it with two cups of cold water, add chopped tomato, onion and pepper. Finally add the parsley, the cilantro , the olive oil and the salt and pepper until they season. Put the pan on the flame and put the cover on it, let it boil smoothly, remove the content every once in a while until is well done and the salsa has completely consumed. Serve it hot.

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Almejas a la Mexicana - Clams prepared Mexican Style

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Mexican Style Clams Recipe

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