Clams on a Pan Mexican Recipe

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Clams on Pan Mexican Recipe

Cook Time:30



4 dozens of clams4 chopped garlic cloves1/2 chopped onion2 chopped parsley tablespoons2 ground bread tablespoons1 cup of white wineJuice of two limesOil


1. Wash the clams with a brush in order to take out the sand from them, put them inside a vessel filled with water and salt during 15 minutes.Warm the oil on a clay pan, fry first the onion and the garlic and then add the dry clams, turning them around to get them open. Add the lime juice, the wine, the parsley and half cup of water. Sprinkle with the ground bread and let it boil for 5 minutes. Add salt and serve on the same pan.

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Clams on Pan Mexican Recipe

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Clams on a Pan Mexican Recipe

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