Boquerones Mexican Fish Recipe

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Boquerones Mexican Recipe

Cook Time:30



2.2 (1 kilo) lbs. of fresh boquerones3 vinegar soup size spoonfulls1/2 cup of flour1 garlic clove3 limesJuice of 5 limesChipotle pepperoilsalt


1. To prepare the salsa licuate the garlic clove with the vinegar, the chipotle pepper, the lime juice and the salt.Wash very well the fishes and put them on a pan with the salsa; Let them marinate for 20 minutes.drain the excess of salsa, then cover with flour the fishes and fry them. Take off the excess of oil with a napkin.Serve with hot sauce and lime slices.

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Boquerones Mexican Recipe

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Boquerones Mexican Fish Recipe

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