La Victoria Red Salsa Jalapena - Extra Hot - 16 oz

La Victoria
La Victoria Red Salsa Jalapena - Extra Hot
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La Victoria Red Salsa Jalapena Extra Hot - 16 oz - DISCONTINUED

We recommend you to try another La Victoria HOT Salsas (Red Cap) such as: Salsa Ranchera 16 oz Item # 14926 and Salsa Victoria 16 oz Item # 14921. They are also great!!

A Jalapeno chile lovers salsa! Salsa Jalapena is an excellent garnish for those who like it HOT. New Size with more Salsa now 16 oz jar, 12 oz size was discontinued.

Red jalapeno peppers, water, red california chiles, onions, tomato paste, distilled vinegar, salt, modified food starch and garlic. La Victoria Salsas.


La Victoria Salsa Jalapena Roja - Muy Picante 454 g

La Salsa Jalapena La Victoria es ideal para los amantes de la salsa con jalapenos. La salsa ranchera es excelente para acompanar cualquier platillo de la comida Mexicana autentica. Salsa roja muy picante con jalapenos rojos, chiles california rojos, pasta de tomate, cebolla, ajo, vinagre y sal.


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By Roger
Yuma AZ
You must be NUTS!
December 18, 2023

Merchant Response:Sorry but the manufacturer discontinued it.
  • Absolutely the Best Bring it Back ASP
By Jeanie H.
Wofford Heights , CA
Best Salsa Every
November 8, 2023
Have been using this product for ever. Used when my children were young and now they us it when they can get it. I add this salsa to a lot of my cooking as a spice. Don't know if I could cook without it.. GREAT PRODUCT
By Di P.
September 6, 2023
  • does not cook out
By K S.
Please Bring This Back!
August 14, 2023
I've ordered this salsa by the case for 30+ years, ever since leaving California (where is was widely available) in the early 1980's. I'm a regular customer and this is the ONLY salsa I really, really like. There are no others like it. Please bring it back.

Merchant Response:We are very sorry, our supplier discontinued it. We keep trying to get it back.
  • Hot, wonderfully flavorful and unique among hot salsas.
  • No cons except for that it isn't available . . . .
By ThomasW
Northern Illinois
Best and thickest for sandwiches
May 18, 2023
The flavor - great.
The consistency - perfect for sandwich spread.
The price - not critical for a luxury product.
Bought every last jar last time I saw them in the grocery.
Now I will have to start experimenting to go into salsa making I guess.

By Mikeal
Orting WA
April 16, 2023
I, like alot of your customers, have been using you La Victoria Red Salsa Jalapena - Extra hot for decades, what is the reason for you to stop making something a lot of customers love and order by the cases? This doesnt make any buisnes sense?
I don't want to make $$, then let us know Who is now making it ASAP
By fuzzy
Best hot sauce
April 9, 2023
I will find something else till La Victoria comes to their senses.
By Dan
Grinnell, Iowa
Why discontinue
April 3, 2023
I’ve been buying this salsa by the case for over 20yrs. My father did before me. My kids eat it now. Best salsa out there. Very disappointed to see it discontinued. Need to bring it back. There is nothing else like it.
By WDDiddly
Lakeland Fl
March 29, 2023
Can't believe this product is discontinued! With all the tasteless salsa options out there, you decide to stop making this? Bring it back and I will order a case pronto.
By Michael A.
Canyon County CA
Only one Jar left
March 17, 2023
I am very disappointed La Victoria has discontinued this product. Who do we need to talk to at La Victoria to reverse this decision. I think if they were asked to review this website and see the many reviews, they would get a clue how popular this recipe is and restart the product line.

Merchant Response:We also hope we can get them back in stock. We are very sorry as well.
By GaryB
Mission Viejo, CA
Ingredients / Contacted MegaMex Foods in Orange, CA
March 3, 2023
First, I went on the website of MegaMex and used their contact form (bottom right of home page) to shamelessly praise the salsa and beg for its reintroduction. I encourage all to do the same.
Second, the ingredients are listed above: Red jalapeno peppers, water, red california chiles, onions, tomato paste, distilled vinegar, salt, modified food starch and garlic
Now it's time to visit a local Mexican grocer, buy lots of the ingredients (what are California chiles?) and start mixing them up (and hoping!).
By Jeff
Salsa jalapena
February 17, 2023
Why they discontinue a product that is so popular been using it for over 35 years what is up ??

Merchant Response:Sorry for that, we agree with you and look forward that La Victoria brings it back.
By Daniel G.
Tarpon Springs, FL
Discontinued by the MFR?
February 9, 2023
Best salsa I've ever had from La Victoria ... do you have contact so I can complain...thanks

Merchant Response:We are sorry, this product is not available any more. You may want to contact Megamex Foods in Orange CA they own La Victoria brand.
By Mike S.
Tulare Ca
I need more
February 8, 2023
Our family has been using this salsa jalape
By William
bring it back
February 7, 2023
I will buy a dozen jars-bring it back.
By Brew
Mission Viejo, CA
Recipe Anyone?
February 1, 2023
If anyone as a recipe for a homemade version of this incredible salsa please share it. Desperate times call for desperate measures! Thank you.
By Ricky C.
Bakersfield California
I was raised on this
January 21, 2023
I put this on almost everything I eat I was raised on this product La Victoria salsa jalapeno please bring it back in stock in Bakersfield California I miss it

Merchant Response:Sorry our supplier discontined it, we are trying to bring it back. Sorry!!
By Gary
Mission Viejo, CA
Bring it back PLEASE
January 20, 2023
This is the best salsa ever made. I've been buying this salsa by the dozen for years and can't believe it's discontinued after DECADES of enjoying this. I've shared with friends and family who all started buying this incredible salsa. PLEASE bring it back to us. We NEED it!
By Christy
Chino, Ca
This is the absolute best
January 8, 2023
Please Please I hope this comes back in stock,,, we’ve eaten this for 43 years,,, bring this back and do away with any of the others…. This is the best product they make.. my kids grew up on this,,, family members are waiting for this to come back… I’ve been looking for a long time each week online for this to be back

Merchant Response:Sorry, the manufacturer discontinued it. We keep trying to get it back.
By Carolyn
Wynnewood, OK
I have to have La Victoria Salsa Jalapeno!!!!!!!
December 24, 2022
This is the only salsa that taste good in a spread my Aunt Dunie taught me to make over 40 years agol
Now my daughters and I can[t make it anymore.

Merchant Response:We are very sorry, our supplier discontinued it. Sorry!
  • The best.
  • Hard to find.
By Jim B.
Only one I want
December 9, 2022
Please bring this back. Por favor!
By Russell
Upland, ca
Missing salsa jalapena
December 9, 2022
Love this salsa, can’t find it anywhere

Merchant Response:sorry, we can't get it anymore :-(
  • Hot!
  • Short supply
By Duckman
in the woods of, Michigan
This is a must have salsa!
December 2, 2022
The extra hot La Victoria Red Salsa Jalapena is the most flavorful and tasty salsa to use. I have written the manufacturer and the replied "it is available in retail stores", well, no, it isn't. What is the point of salsa if it isn't hot or extra hot? Unfortunately here in the northern states, few people really enjoy the spiciness, which is why I order from MexGrocer. Please get it back, I know it isn't your fault, but rather the suppliers.

Merchant Response:We agree with you. However we need to convince the manufacturer to bring it back. It's a great salsa.
  • Flavor, heat, consistency
  • impossible to find
By Jenni
Stockton, California
Please bring it back!
November 29, 2022
My dad and I have enjoyed this wonderful hot salsa for over 30 years. There really is nothing else like it. They stopped selling it in California several years ago, but luckily it was available online until now. I really hope this isn’t the end. I’m down to my last jar!

Merchant Response:We want to have it as well, hopefully the manufacturer reconsiders their decision. Sorry!
By Steve
, California
"The Best"
November 27, 2022
Please bring back the red salsa jalapeno. no other salsa comes close. I've be using it since 1980. It has the best flavor of them all. We would go through at least 1 jar a month. With all the five-star ratings I just can't figure why it was discontinued.

Merchant Response:We are trying to bring it back, as our supplier discontinued it. Sorry!
By Annie
Felton ca
Please bring it back
November 25, 2022
We have used La Victoria Salsa Jalapena for 42 years on our tacos which is a weekly tradition. We are lost without it. Is it coming back? Please let me know

Merchant Response:We agree with you and keep trying to convince the manufacturer. Sorry!
  • Everything about it!
By John N.
November 18, 2022
anyone have any alternative.. most have a vinagar or pepper taste..

Merchant Response:We agree 100% and we are talking to the manufacturer. We are very sorry!
  • no longer made
By Jacob
Goleta, CA
My favorite
November 1, 2022
Hot and flavorful. I have been enjoying this salsa for over 30 years and it has been somewhat hard to find. I was so happy for this site so that I can order whenever I like, but now it seems like finally this sauce is no more. I hope this changes. This salsa has a lot of fans and I hope it makes a comeback.
  • Excellent flavor
  • Hard to find (even online)
By Matthew
Fenton, MI
Please do not discontinue
September 12, 2022
I have been eating Red Salsa Jalapena for 41 years and have referred it to many loyal customers. This is the only salsa I eat. Please reconsider. If you have any product left I will buy all you have if you don't reconsider. Please

Thank yopu

Matthew A Wiesen
By Mary
Montebello, CA
Why was it discontinued
August 28, 2022
I have been using this salsa for over 40 years, why is it discontinued????
By Tami
Jackson, MI
LaVictoria Red salsa jalapeno
August 28, 2022
Will Mexgrocer ever get the LaVictoria Red salsa jalapeno extra hot back in stock
By Lawrence
Escondido, CA
Spicy and flavorful
March 14, 2022
Rich heat and flavor. More robust than the green version.
  • Flavorful
  • Spicy
  • A little goes a long way
By John
Best salsa you can buy!
January 25, 2021
It is SO hard to find a good salsa that has kick. Glad to have this always at the ready
By Roberta
Cleveland Ohio
I love this salsa,
January 24, 2021
My husband would put it on his eggs for breakfast. To bad I can't find in stores here in Ohio.
By Brad
McKinney, TX
Great product.
October 16, 2020
Great website and fast service.
By jay
My Favorite Salsa
August 6, 2020
The first salsa I ever tasted and still the best!
No lie, I once worked night shift and had this salsa with chips for my dinner every night. Irresistible.
I like it cold from the fridge, which is maybe weird but that's how I like it. And SALTY chips.
Worth a try!
By Malcolm
Can't find it in stores here in Florida
July 31, 2020
Grew up with this wonderful Red Salsa (in California). Can no longer find it at any Florida store. So, happy to find it available here at Thanks so much for carrying it! It is truly one of the best salsas, ever!
By Mike
Albuquerque, New Mexico
It's the best salsa I've had.
July 12, 2020
Shipping was fast and product well protected from breakage.
By Diana B.
Bakersfield, California
June 30, 2020
I agree with several of the comments on how this Salsa has not been sold in major grocery stores in a long time. I think the last place I saw it was Southern California at a Stater Bros store. I've been cooking with it for over 25 years. I tried to order a case from local Vons, Albertsons etc. but stores would not accommodate the request. So on line I went!! I am so so happy to be able to order 6 to 12 bottles of either the red or green Salsa Jalape?o Relish ... Why the heck La Victoria is not putting their product on the grocery store shelves is beyond me. Thanks to MexGrocer.Com we are all able to order the Salsa that probably made LaVictoria a success! Thank you MexGrocer.Com. Your the BEST!!! Diana from Bakersfield
By David B.
Folsom, Ca.
muy caliente!
June 29, 2020
excellent flavor and it brings the heat!
By kristin
June 17, 2020
tastes great as usual but switched from red california chiles to japs....noticed the diff,,,
By Sherri
Riverbank, CA
Great Salsa
May 13, 2020
This salsa has great taste with the right amount of spice.
By Craig
Camas, WA
Excellent Salsa That Is Truly Spicy and Tasty!
May 10, 2020
I usually mix it with Salsa Suprema from the same vendor. This makes the salsa incredibly tasty for tortilla chips. My wife and I can have a whole bag of chips and more with this salsa. We have been enjoying it for over 30 years together. It's great every single time. Also, it's great with other dishes such as tacos and burritos.
By Patrick
May 7, 2020
Been uising Salsa Jalapena for decades so obviously I think it is great.
By Cynthia
Plantation, Florida
Excellent salsa
April 30, 2020
Product ver good.
By Lisa
Finally Found the Best!!
April 17, 2020
I used this for years in my special Hot Spicy Cheese Dip, but then no stores carried it so glad I found it again!!! SO HAPPY!!!
By r l.
good as always
January 7, 2020
  • always very good
  • none
By Jerry
Did it change?
September 14, 2019
I have been buying for many years but my recent order i notice less red jalapenos seems it lost it thick texture more watery and less hot.
By William J.
Santee, Ca.
La Victoria extra hot Jalapena salsa
May 25, 2019
Great salsa the extra hot the best salsa there is. Highly recommend it.
By Jennie
Where is this item sold
May 9, 2019
I love this salsa. been buying it for years, then I could not find it in any store, Why is that?
  • The greatest
  • Can't find in any store. WHY?




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