Pico Pica Mexican Taco Sauce - MILD - 7 oz

Pico Pica
Pico Pica Mexican Taco Sauce - MILD
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Pico Pica - MILD - Mexican Taco Hot Sauce 7 oz

Thick and rich mild hot sauce with a blend of chile peppers, tomatoes, and spices. Ole'!

Enhance your favorite dishes with the incredible taste of Pico Pica's Real Mexican Style Taco Sauce. It is mild in heat which means it is an excellent product for those who seek a condiment that will give their dishes a spicy kick without being overwhelmingly hot. Pico Pica can be used for a variety of dishes including eggs, tacos, soups, tostadas, burritos, chimichangas, quesadillas, meats and fish. Ingredients: water, tomato puree, chile peppers, salt, distilled vinegar, spices, soybean oil, garlic powder, xanthan gum, onion powder, guar gum, sodium benzoate as a preservative.


Pico Pica Salsa Picante

Realza tus platillos favoritos con el increible sabor de Pico Pica la salsa para tacos que esta hecha con un autentico estilo Mexiano. Es de picor mediano, para aquellos que quieren darle un toque de sabor a sus platillos sin ser exageradamente picoso. Pico Pica puede ser utilizado en una variedad de platillos incluyendo huevos, tacos, sopas, tostadas, burritos, chimichangas, quesadillas, carnes y pescado. Ingredientes: agua, pure de tomate, chile pimiento, sal, vinagre destilado, especias, aceite de soya, ajo en polvo, goma xantana, cebolla en polvo, goma guar, benzoato de sodio como conservante.


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Finally Found It!
So glad i found this brand since im not in So Cal anymore. MexGrocer has super fast shipping and will use them again...
ProsGreat Sauce all flavors
The Best!!!
I have always used Pico Pica since I can remember try it when you make guacamole it is the perfest spice for that!!!!
Gloucester virginia
The best taco sauce
In all my 62 years i have never found a better tasting taco sauce. Unfortunately here in Virginia, this sauce cannot be found. Thanks to MexGrocer, I can now enjoy Pico Pica taco sauce.
ProsGreat authentic taste. Great on all your favorite dishes.
ConsNone, except it's not in my hometown Virginia grocery stores.
toledo ohio
Great Flavor
I love the taste
Pine Colorado
Best hot sauce
The pico pica mild taco sauce is the best taco sauce I've ever tasted. I've also purchased the hot pico pica sauce but feel it has a bit of a bitter taste to it. It is so unfortunate that the manufacturer doesn't get this into the markets. I've turned so many friends on to this sauce and now it's almost impossible to find and has become quite expensive. It truly is the best and we are gourmet cooks.
ProsBest every taco sauce.
ConsTo expensive
Cedar City, Utah
Pico Pica sauce.
My family has used Pico Pica Hot & Mild chili sauce for as long as I can remember, but since relocating to Utah, it’s been very difficult to find in our local markets. Thanks to MexGrocer, I don’t need to worry about running out of my favorite chili sauce.
Flagstaff, AZ
Excellent taco sause flavor
It not hot, has the chilli flavor you expect. I mix it with the hot pico pico 50-50, and create a nice hot taco sauce with great flavor and not to hot.
Memphis, TN
Increasingly hard to find
We have loved this taco sauce for years, and it seems as though it is getting harder to find. We moved out of CA and no one has it. Thank you Mexgrocer.com for carrying this product! Great price, fast shipping and packaged very well.
Not the same
I think this is milder than the old mild. The hot is too hot. But still good. Did you make it milder?
Merchant Response:No, They didn't make it milder
ProsGood stuff.
ConsCan?t find it at any store locally. Ever store only carries hot. Too expensive to ship. And it?s a little milder than it used to be. Might be our last order.
Lynnwood, WA
Happy again!
I used to get this from my local Safeway - but then Safeway stopped carrying it. I love this sauce - I can eat my avocado quesadilla with happiness again!
ProsTastes awesome, just spicy enough.
ConsHard to find - until now!
Excellent Flavor
40 plus years ago Pico Pica was a kitchen/table fixture. Years later I woul use it in my own menus. Then I left California and moved back to Alabama (insanity ?). And went for some years without the product. When went to your web site the operator(s) answered my questions and I ordered the Taco Sauce as well as the hot sauce. The shipping was incredibly fast and received the two bottles in perfect condition. Since then I down to less than 1/2 of the sauce. I think the hot sauce may be too much for me (HOT). I will likley order another two bottles of the Taco sauce as the flavor is what I wanted.
The bottles are too small for the price/shipping but I will get mode later.
Thank you Mexgrocer.com
ConsA little on the expensive side . Need a arger bottle.
Acworth, GA
What else can I say. Have been using for at least 30 years. My ONLY go to. Too bad my local stores in Georgia no longer carry it.
ProsBest flavor.
ConsCan't find in Acworth GA anymore
Beene, Arkansas
Best there is
When we lived in CA, we always had this in our home. But now in Arkansas, nobody sells it. We’ve tried every brand available but nothing comes close. Thank God it’s available online through Mex Grocer.
ProsGreat taste
ConsAvailability Price (with shipping)
Pico Pica Taco Sauce, great flavor,
Pico Pica doesn't over power like some other taco sauces, mild has little to no heat but great flavor.

I have been using Pico Pica taco sauce for decades, but couldn't find it for sale anywhere in our state, but have ordered it from your store a number of times. Always super fast shipping, and when I had a glitch with my payment your staff was super friendly and helpful. I will be back again, thanks so much!
Prossuper fast shipping across the country, well packaged, never any breakage, or damaged items. Friendly and helpful staff!
Lake Havasu City, AZ
A family favorite!
this is one of my family's all time favorites. Have ordered from MexGrocer several times and always get great service and quick deliveries.
ProsGreat taste!
Leyden, Massachusetts
We've loved this sauce for decades!
We've used this sauce for 25 or 30 years (it used to be called Hot Sauce - Medium). It's delicious with all kinds of foods. It has a wonder full flavor, but without too much heat. We bought it at the local grocery when we lived in California, and we love it so much we now order it by mail from Mexgrocer (the shipping cost makes it expensive here in Massachusetts). We even sent a case of it to our friends in Florida after we spent a week with them.
ProsDelicious flavor boost.
ConsI can't think of one con.
Pica pico mild hot sauce
Best mild sauce ever!!! I like to buy it in bulk so I do not run out. Not all stores carry the mild only the hot.
Great flavor
Great flavor with the right amount of heat
Colorado Springs
Best Taco Sauce Ever
We have been using Pico Pica since I was a kid. So delicious. Have shared it with my married family and they are addicted. Hard to find outside of California. Could get it in Colorado at Safeway for awhile. Now MexGrocer is a savior. Thank you Thank you
ProsAll good Keep lots on hand!
New Mexico
Been using this for 50+ years!
When I first began using Pico Pica Taco Sauce it was 19 cents a bottle! I will buy it forever - for the flavor!
ProsFlavor, consistency, spiciness
lantana, florida
best hot sauce
the grocery stores where i live in florida don't carry my favorite hot sauce pico pica. but luckily mexgrocer delivers it right to my front door. thanks mexgrocer!

the grocery stores where i live in florida don't carry my favorite hot sauce pico pica. but luckily mexgrocer delivers it right to my front door. thanks mexgrocer!

Portland, OR
The best Taco sauce.
I've tried dozens of products and this is the best taco sauce. I was very disappointed to learn that it was being discontinued. My family enjoys it so much that I ordered several cases so that we would have it around for a while after it is no longer available.
Merchant Response:This product is not discontinued here is the link to order it: https://www.mexgrocer.com/1383.html
Chandler, AZ
Pico Pica
We've been enjoying Pico Pica for YEARS! Love the flavor on all our Mexican meals...and then some! Thank you for continuing to offer this on your web site!
Santa Fe
Great sauce
I really like this sauce. I use it instead of ketchup. Tried the hot but prefer the not so overpowering mild.
Dallas, TX
Best Taco Sauce!
We moved from SoCal to Dallas and were surprised and extremely disappointed that we could not find Pico Pica anywhere. This product is easy to find in California, but it is not sold in Texas. So thankful we found MexGrocer since we will not be in CA until next year.
ProsSo good, just the right amount of spice. Great on tacos, nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas, rice anything and everything!
ConsNot sold in my area! Doesn't last long!
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Pico Pica Mild Taco Sauce is the best
Three generations of our family (since the early 950's) in both California and Colorado have loved Pico Pica! For many years, our family members in Colorado couldn't find it in their stores, so our California family members would send it to them. It is the most flavorful Mexican chili sauce to be found anywhere. We cook with Pico Pica and use it as a condiment and many of our family's Mexican recipes call for Pico Pica. The mild version is perfect if you want Pico Pica's full-bodied red chili flavor with just a whisper of heat and the hot sauce version has both Pico Pica's signature flavor and a generous helping of heat. We are so happy that the sauce hasn't changed one bit over the years and we really enjoy the nostalgia of the label, which also hasn't changed. We hope Pico Pico is always available since we will be passing on our family recipes to future generations!
ProsThe Taco Sauce has a wonderful, full-bodied red chili flavor with only a whisper of heat while the Hot Sauce has the same flavor with a generous helping of heat. The sauce has not changed flavor at all during the many decades our family has used it. Pico Pica has NO competition in the flavor department; it is by far the best Mexican chili sauce available anywhere.
ConsNone. You can't go wrong with Pico Pica.
Neosho, Mo.
Pico Pic a Mexican Taco Sauce
My husband loves it, and you can't find it in the stores we used to buy it in. Happy to find Mexgrocer
Where we are able to buy it.
Atlanta, GA
Favorite Taco Sauce
After trying to locate my most favorite taco sauce at all of my local grocery stores unsuccessfully, I was able to locate it on this site at a price cheaper than anywhere else. Naturally, I purchased a few to last me awhile. I have tried many sauces, but nothing tops Pico Pica.
Adrian MO
The best go on everything sauce!
Love this product! It goes on almost everything we eat!
Atlanta, Georgia
Headline made for an easy Google search
Our family has been using this sauce for decades and it's still the best on the market. Hard to find where I live now. Thanks to MexGrocer I have a new source for my sauce!.
Puyallup, Washington
Love this sauce!
So happy we found Mexgrocer.com! We can't find this sauce anymore in any of our stores. Easy to order and it arrived pretty quickly. Will order again!
Tamarac, FL
Like this taco sauce very much..
Best taco sauce ever!!!
Been using this sauce on my tacos ( the hot and mild ) since 1961!!! All of a sudden I could not find it any where so decided to go straight to the source. Was delighted to fine it on line! Bought 4 hot and 2 mild, hoping that may last my family a while. Great stuff, you should give it a try!!!
ProsJust the right flavor for tacos or any Mexican recipe.
Consno cons!
Pico Pica is the best
I don't like real spicy sauce. Pico Pica Taco sauce is the perfect blend of mild spice that doesn't over power what you are eating, but adds a little extra flavor. I was introduced to this sauce by my boyfriend who is from California, as this sauce was a staple in their house growing up.
The Stuff You Wish They Served in Mexican Restaurants
As others have said, this is a sauce with true depths of flavor. It has a zing, but the zing adds to the flavor but does not dominate it.  It's hit-or-miss to find it in the national grocery chains; thanks to MEXGROCER for carrying it and making it easy to order!
cape coral, florida
Rich Mexican Flavor
A well balanced rich sauce without a lot of heat.
Lancaster, Pa
Pico Pica
Pico Pica has been a part of our family's menu since my childhood.
50 + yrs. It is our family's favorite hot sauce. I like the mild and others like the hot.
I'm really glad I was able to locate it again even if I had to go online to find it. Now I don't have to depend on family members to bring it from out of state.
ProsI like the FLAVOR with the mild spice
Review for Pico Pica Mexican Taco Sauce - MILD
Absolutely outstanding - the best ever!
Review for Pico Pica Mexican Taco Sauce - MILD
This is an excellent taco sauce. When we moved from Oregon to Florida, I couldn't find it in any stores. I'm happy that I can get it through MexGrocer because there isn't anything that even compares. I also like their hot sauce a lot.
Review for Pico Pica Mexican Taco Sauce - MILD
This has been our family favorite for almost my whole life. My parents used it and my brothers, sister, and me use it with our families. It's the best!!
Review for Pico Pica Mexican Taco Sauce - MILD
This is the best taco sauce I've ever had, and I can't live without it in the house. Unfortunately, the stores where I live, just don't carry it.
Review for Pico Pica Mexican Taco Sauce - MILD
I agree with JohnD, "Mild is good but hot is awesome."
Review for Pico Pica Mexican Taco Sauce - MILD
I just love this stuff. I wished i could buy it here in Tennessee!!! I will keep ordering it thoughAAAAAA++++++
Review for Pico Pica Mexican Taco Sauce - MILD
Love the mild Pico Pica, but you really have to try the hot flavor one. Its got a kick you will never forget.



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