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If you’re looking for religious books and videos to give to your family and friends as gifts then shop at for the most complete selection of religious items. You can also use these items for religious education classes for children while preparing them for the sacraments of confirmation and first communion. There is no greater gift you can give to your family and friends then the gifts of faith and hope.

Adorn and bless the walls of your home, church, office or school with the holy image of his Holiness Pope John Paul II. The photograph featuring John Paul II is a full color picture that can be framed to your liking. Let his holiness be a special reminder of faith and hope, as well as inspire you to grow closer to God; may the holy life of the pope John Paul II be an inspiration and an example for your own life.

La Primera Navidad (My First Christmas) audio CD is a narrated story in Spanish that takes place in a humble stable in Jerusalem where the savior of the world Jesus Christ was born. Your children will be able to experience this beautiful story through a CD that is so fun they will enjoy learning about the significance of Christmas and the most incredible story of all history: the birth of Jesus Christ which became the first Christmas. It’s a wonderful tradition that parents can start with their children so Jesus can be reborn in their hearts every year just as he was that very first Christmas. Experience the magic of Christmas as a family and teach your children that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Learn how to pray the rosary with your family and children with “A Rosary for Children” book by Maria Guadalupe Cevallos Almada.The Rosary for Children is an amazing book that takes you step by step on how to pray the rosary, and has beautiful illustrations of the Virgin of Guadalupe and Jesus Christ. It’s a book that can be read together as a family so you can experience the power of prayer with your children. This book is also available in Spanish.

Experience an amazing story that occurred in Mexico City on a Mount called Tepeyac where an Indian peasant named Juan Diego became the main character of the most beautiful story ever told. Learn about the radiant and beautiful lady that appeared before him and the unforgettable miracle of her image on Juan Diego’s cloak through John Francis’ The Wonder of Guadalupe book and La Virgen de Guadalupe dvd movie. Get the complete story of the miraculous apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe and accompany it with the wonderful Spanish film that tells of this incredible story. It’s a movie that can be viewed with the whole family, so your children can learn about the Virgin of Guadalupe and her undying love for mankind.

If you’re devoted to the Virgin of Guadalupe you can carry her image in your wallet or share your faith and devotion to her with your friends through our wallet sized Our Lady of Guadalupe holy cards, so she can bless and protect your loved ones. So also check out the Novena Prayer book to Our Lady of Guadalupe that is available in both English and Spanish, so you can pray to the Virgin of Guadalupe and receive her blessing and protection.

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