Miraculous Mother Candle (Pack of 6) - 8 inch candles

Miraculous Mother Candle (Pack of 6)
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Miraculous Mother Candle - La Milagrosa

The Miraculous Mother 7 Day Candle is a glass, vegetable wax candle than can be burned to pray to the Blessed Mother and ask for her intersession and help in the struggles of your daily life. It measures 2 1/2" wide and 8 1/8" tall. Trim wick to ¬? prior to lighting and do not allow wick trimmings to accumulate in wax pool. Candle will burn about 120 hrs. Trim wick to 1/4" prior to lighting, Do not allow wick trimming to accumulate in max pool, Place on temperature safe surface, Burn within sight, keep away from things that can catch fire, and keep away from children. Container will be hot when candle is lit.

Prayer to the Miraculous Mother on the back: Gentle Mother, Help of Christians, the shame that torments me, I put myself in your blessed hands (Ave Maria) And although I do not deserve your love, I will not resort to thee in vain because you are the Mother of God and help of Christians (Ave Maria).
Holy Mother that was never known that anyone has implored you without your help receive. So with faith and confidence, humble and repentant, full of love and hope I ask this favor: (He/She calls for the desired grace is said three and repeat three times: Oh Mary, conceived without sin pray for us who resort to you). Amen.


Veladora Maria Milagrosa

Veladora Virgen Maria La Milagrosa es una veladora de cera cera vegetal para el hogar de larga duraci¢n en vaso de vidrio. Para rezarle a nuestra Santisima Madre, para pedirle su ayuda e intercesion para resolver tus problemas en la vida diaria o para pedirle algun favor. Mide 2 1/2" ancho y 8 1/8" alto. La vela prendera por aprox. 120 hrs. Corta la mecha a 1/4" antes de prender. No deje que se acumule los cortes de la mecha en la cera derretida, Pongase en una superficie de temperatura segura, prenda a la vista, mantenga la vela alejada de cosas que puedan incendiarse facilmente, y mantenga lejos del alcanze los ninos. El contenedor estara caliente cuando la vela sea prendida.

Oracion a Maria Milagrosa: Madre Amable, auxilio de los cristianos, la pena que me atormenta pongo en tus benditas manos (Ave Maria) Y, aunque tu amor no merezco, no recurrire a ti en vano pues eres Madre de Dios y auxilio de los cristianos (Ave Maria).
Madre Santa que jamas se oyo decir que alguno te haya implorado sin tu auxilio recibir. Pore so con fe y confianza humilde y arrepentida, llena de amor y esperanza este favor yo te pido: (Se pide la gracia deseada y se dice tres veces: Oh Maria, sin pecado concebida ruega por nosotros que recurrimos a ti). Amen.


Miraculous Mother Candle Pack of 6


8 inch candles
9" H


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