KLASS Cantaloupe (Melon) Drink Mix-Makes 8.6 Liters - 14.1 oz

KLASS Cantaloupe (Melon) Drink Mix-Makes 8.6 Liters
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To make One 8 oz glass add 2 tea spoons of Drink Mix


KLASS MELON - 14.1 oz

Instant Melon drink mix.

Drink Mix Directions

To make 1 glass
Add 2 Klass full spoons to a glass of every cold water (8 oz) and stir to disolve.

to make 1 liter
Add 9 Klass full spoons to a liter (1.1 qts) of very cold water and stir to dissolve. Serve over ice or refrigerate.

You can make delicious frozen popsicles with Klass Mexican flavors.

MELON - Cantaloupe

Melons or Cantaloupes are members of the horticulturally diverse gourd family (Cucurbitaceae). They arefrost-tender annuals, native to central Asia, and widely grown in many cultivated varieties in warm regions around the world. The species has soft, hairy trailing stems, large round to lobed leaves, and yellow flowers about 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) across. The fruits of the numerouscultivated varieties differ greatly in size, shape, surface texture, and flesh colour and flavour:they weigh from 1 to 4 kilograms (2 to 9 pounds).

Seven groups of melons are cultivated:

Melons Reticulatis group, the netted, or nutmeg, melons, including the small muskmelons, withnet-ribbed rind and sweet orange flesh.
Cantaloupes Cantalupensis group, the cantaloupes (named for Cantalupo, near Rome, where these melonswere early grown from southwestern Asian stock), characterized by rough warty rind and sweetorange flesh.
Winter Melons Inodorus group, the winter melons, including the large, smooth-skinned, mildly flavoured, andlight green- to white-fleshed honeydew, casaba, and Persian melons.
Serpent Melons Flexuosus group, the snake or serpent melons, up to 7 cm in diameter and about 1 metre (3feet) long, with slightly acid cucumber-like flesh.
Oriental Melons Conomon group, the Oriental pickling melons, with greenish flesh, neither musky nor sweet.
Mango melons Chito group, the mango melons, with fruit usually the size and shape of a lemon or orange, andflesh whitish and cucumber-like.
Stinking Melons Dudaim group, sometimes called the stinking melons, characterized by orange-sized, highlyfragrant and inedible ornamental fruit.

The melons sold as "cantaloupes" in the U.S. are a variety of melons, especially the netted types.

Cantaloupes are commonly grown commercially in Europe; The familiar dessert melons in North America are the netted and winter melons. Chito, Conomon, and Flexuosus melons, grown for making preserves and pickles, and Dudaim melons, grown for their ornamental and perfumed fruits, are of commercial importance only locally.
Cantaloupes and netted melons are ripe when they give off a sweet fruity odour, at which time they "slip" or break readily at the union of fruit and stalk. Honeydews and casabas are ripe when they turn yellow, at which time they are cut from the vine; they are called the wintermelons because they ripen late and mature slowly in storage for many weeks, becoming softerbut not noticeably sweeter.


Klass bebida instantanea de Melon

Polvo instantaneo para bebidas. Agua de Melon.


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By taheetna
Gulf Coast
Only thing better is real juiced Cantaloupe
February 27, 2016
Klass juice mixes are very good. I drink most of the flavors. Cantaloupe is a favorite. The resealable pouch is not very user friendly. Portion control when mixing is difficult ,which results in varying juice flavor.
  • Unique flavor.
  • Resealable pouch is nice idea, but isn't very user friendly. Sometimes very difficult just to open, and very hard to portion.


14.1 oz
14.1 oz


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