Chipotle Salsa - Chilpotle Sauce Mexican Recipe

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Salsa de Chile Chipotle hecha en casa

Cook Time:30



1 large tomato5 tomatilloschipotle chiles as desired1 onion, finely diced1 clove of garlic1 teaspoon of vinegaroilsalt


1. Boil the tomatillos and the chilis in a cup of water for 15 minutes.Liquify the chilis, the tomatoes, the tomatillos, the garlic and add the vinegar. Strain.Fry the onion; add the above mixture and cook 10 minutes more, stirring constantly. Add salt and serve with warm tortillas.Often served with queso añejo sprinkled on top (Romano cheese or dry or aged ricotta may be substituted). Chipotle is some times spelled chilpotle.

Enjoy this delicious chipotle salsa Mexican recipe!

Salsa de Chile Chipotle hecha en casa

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Chipotle Salsa - Chilpotle Sauce Mexican Recipe
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4 Stars

Review for Chipotle Salsa - Chilpotle Sauce

Salsa was excellent, maybe a little too sweet though. I wouldn't cook the onions so long next time to reduce sweetness. Otherwise it was great.

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