Molcajete Stone Mortar with Pig head - 9" D x 5.5" H

Molcajete Stone Mortar with Pig head
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Molcajete Stone Mortar with Pig head

A Molcajete is a stone tool, the traditional Mexican version of the mortar and pestle tool. The word Molcajete is the Mexican Spanish word for the Nahuatl Mulcazitl. Molcajetes are typically round in shape and supported by three short legs. They are frequently decorated with the carved head of an animal on the outside edge of the bowl, giving the molcajete the appearance of a short, stout, three-legged animal. The pig is the most common animal head used for decoration of this type. The matching hand-held grinding tool, known as a Tejolote (Mexican Spanish, from Nahuatl texolotl)>, is also made of the same basalt material. Molcajetes are used to crush and grind spices, and prepare salsas, and guacamole. The rough surface of the basalt stone creates a superb grinding surface that maintains itself over time as tiny bubbles in the basalt are ground down, replenishing the textured surface. As the porous basalt is impossible to fully clean and sanitize, Molcajetes are known to "season" (much like cast iron skillets), carrying over flavors from one preparation to another. Molcajetes can also be used as a cooking tool, where it is heated to a high temperature using an open fire or hot coals, and then used to heat its food contents. M074

Video Salsa Mexicana hecha en Molcajete receta de Chef Ana Martorell


Molcajete Stone Mortar with Pig Head 9" D x 5.5" H Un molcajete es una herramienta de piedra, la version tradicional Mexicana del mortero y la herramienta de mano del mortero. El molcajete o mortero de piedra volcanica es de una sola pieza tallada en forma de tazon y con tres patas para estabilizarse, tiene la funcion de moler ingredientes para lo cual se usa la piedra denominada tejolote. La palabra Molcajete viene del nahualt Mulcazitl. Con frecuencia los Molcajetes son decoradas con la cabeza tallada de un animal en el borde exterior de la olla, dando al Molcajete la apariencia de un animal de tres patas chiquito y pesado. La cabeza de cerdo es la cabeza de animal mas comun, utilizada para decoracion de este tipo. La herramienta de mano para moler, y que hace juego con el Molcajete es concida como Tejolote que es la palabra en espa¤ol en M‚xico del nahualt Texolotl y que tambi‚n se hace del mismo material de basalto con que esta hecho el Molcajete. Los Molcajetes se utilizan para triturar y moler las especias, preparar salsas y guacamole. La superficie aspera de la piedra de basalto crea una superficie excelente para moler que se mantiene sola con el tiempo y conforme las peque¤as burbujas en el basalto se van moliendo, llenando la superficie con textura. Como el basalto poroso es dificil de limpiar y desinfectar, los Molcajetes con conocidos por sazonar (como los sartenes de hierro fundido), transportanto sabores de una preparacion a otra. Los Molcajetes tambien pueden ser utilizados como una herramienta para cocinar, donde se calienta a una temperatura alta con fuego o a las brasas, luego se usa para calentar los alimentos. El molcajete tambien se usa como utensilio decorativo en la mesa para presentar o servir la salsa o guacamole, dandole un ambiente mas autentico a la comida Mexicana.


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Newhall, California
Perfect addition to my kitchen
This piece is like a cast iron pan you will keep it forever. It arrived within a few days, well-packaged, heavy and beautiful. I am in the process of seasoning it now. It is great quality and very authentic-looking. I am very happy with this purchase.
Beautiful, fun, authentic None
Nashville, TN
works great
Augusta, GA
Came packed really well, I have wanted one for so long! Happy to support this business and I will keep coming back.
It's big, cute and gets the job done.
Best gift for the fun loving cook
I received my molcajete yesterday and it is perfect. I wasn't sure about the bowl size, but it is great for creating salsa or guacamole in a larger amount. My interior bowl size is 7" in diameter, about 3" deep. I would guess it would comfortably hold about 3 cups of salsa or guacamole. Overall the pig is about 11" snout to butt. I'll add a photo next to the coffeemaker for scale. The shipping was fast and the pig arrived in great shape, well packed in a box within a box and extra padding. It is a 10 lb pig, so handle it carefully - I have already smoothed the sharp bowl edges with the pestle. This item is both art and function, LOVE it.
He's great looking on the countertop, just as awesome serving on the table. Watch the feet, they may scratch your countertop unless you adhere plastic feet (glides) on them (I will do this next!) That's actually a pro - this bowl is made to grind!
Bedford, NH
Love it!
Ive used it a few times for guacamole!
Nice deep bowl Wish it came with directions to season
North Carolina
Love it! What a nice molcajete..authentic basalt stone..
A piece of conversation, too!
Perfect size. Deep and wide for great salsa. Pig molcajete only need to say: oink, oink..
This little piggy
Love love this molcajete saw it at my sister-inlaws and had to have one after going through the task of cleaning it , I made my salsa a d it was even better not to mention all the other jobs I can do in very happy with and recommend it to my friends and family as well as where to order it from.(👍
Use for salsa, crushing wholes seeds and herbs. No cons
Downers Grove,Illinois
My Beautiful Stone Pig....!
I Love it! I love it!......... And i was sooooo surprised to see that it was a pig.....because I collect pigs!,,and it makes great salsa's too!
It's nice and big!! None
Cleveland, Ohio
LOVE it!
Recently returned from a trip to Mexico where we took a cooking class making salsas. I wanted to purchase a molcajete in Mexico to make sure it was authentic, but they're rather heavy to carry on a plane. I found this molcajete at Mexgrocer and ordered it. it's the exact one we used at our cooking classes in Mexico and has the cute pig head I wanted. We're making roasted salsa tonight and I can't wait to try it I LOVE this piece and am very happy with my purchase, great communication and quick shipping from Mexgrocer.
Authentic, decorative, heirloom quality, great price
Snohomish, WA
Good molcajete
Was surprised at the type of stone this was. I expected more of the negra coarse basalt. I have limited experience with molcajetes and was hoping for one like my last one. This one seems like it's closer to being some other kind of stone, than to the porous basalt I wanted. However I decided to keep it and give it a try. I ground up a pile of rice in it, washed it, ground in some garlic, lathered rinsed repeated. Then I proceeded to make some salsa a guacamole. It worked just fine and I didn't find any grit. I think it's a keeper, and it should work just fine. It's big enough that I can make decent sized batches.
The pig head, and bowl size Nothing
Los Angeles, CA
Cute and functional
This item looks cute and serves its purpose wonderfully. My only complaint is that it arrived with a huge chip on the rim even though it was wrapped in an abundant amount of bubble wrap.
It works well for what I use I for- making salsa! It was chipped and crumbly at the damaged spot. It took a few washes to get the extra bits of stone washed away so it was safe to use. That wore away at the product and made the damaged area even bigger.
Quakertown PA
The real deal!
After watching Rick Bayless make molcajete salsa I knew I wanted to have one. Ordered it. Took over a week to hear anything about it shipping and tracking. once it shipped it arrived on the day tracking said it would. Was excited to make salsa in it that night but realized I needed to season it first. Followed the directions on mexgrocer to a T! Let's just say I cannot say enough good things about this. Real! Not a knock off. Looks great! Looking forward to using this for the rest of my life and proud to know it will still be making salsa long after I'm gone. That's how awesome this is. About $40 bucks is a small price to pay for a hand made heirloom piece.
Review for Molcajete Stone Mortar with Pig head
This molcajete is excellent. Carved from basalt, no two are exactly alike. Wide enough and deep enough to really use. Better than the 'Molcajete Pig Head (Stone Bowl)' also sold here, and that one is actually pretty good, too. Worth every penny.


8" D x 3" H
5 1/4" x 2 1/2"
8" D x 6" H
7/8" D x 4/6" H Approx


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