Molcajete de Piedra Volcanica / Lava Stone Mortar & Pestle Molcajete - 7/8" D x 4/6" H Approx

Molcajete de Piedra Volcanica / Lava Stone Mortar & Pestle Molcajete
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Product Features
  • 100% Pure lava rock
  • Artisan quality authentic
  • Made in Mexico


Molcajete de Piedra Volcanica / Lava Stone Mortar & Pestle Molcajete 7/8" diameter x 4/6" high Aprox.

Molcajete's size may vary because of the stone and they are handmade.

Molcajete de Piedra Volcanica, Your molcajete may have minor variations to the one shown on the picture and it can be slightly different on size, color, and porosity of stone each piece is handcrafted by an artisan. M744

The Molcajete is an original, essential, practical kitchen utensil that was first used 3500 years ago during the pre-Hispanic era to make salsas, and very little has changed since then. The Molcajete is a volcanic stone carved mortar in a concave shape, like a bowl with three legs, in which chiles, spices and herbs are grinded to make salsas as well as guacamole. The word Molcajete derives from the Nahuatl Molli (Sauce) and Caxitl ((Cajete) Bowl) and it can be either of porous stone (best) or glazed earthenware. The pear shaped, porous stone that comes with the Molcajete, the pestle that is used to grind the food is called texolotl or Tejolote from the Nahuatl Tetl (Stone) y xocotl (grind or pulverize); also known as temolote o telmalchin.

The Molcajete or mortar is still used in food processing today in the states of central and southern Mexico. Spices can be crushed in molcajete like no other and most of the time molcajetes are used in making a salsa due to the fact that a special texture and flavor are obtained when made in them. Salsas or Guacamole can be served or presented on the table after being elaborated in the same mortar, giving your table a rustic look. Usually recipes are not stewed or cooked in the molcajete, it does stay hot for a long time, so don't be surprised if you find your food bubbling hot a half hour after serving. Molcajetes make excellent decorations in your kitchen giving it an authentic Mexican look and they also make an excellent present for those salsa lovers in your list.

How to cure a Molcajete:

To cure a Molcajete all you need is to do is grind garlic with salt and water until it no longer gives off sand or dirt. Another way to get your molcajete broken in because small grains of stone can be loosed from the surface when first used is to grind rice in the molcajete, a handful at a time. When the crushed rice has no visible black grains of stone in it, the molcajete is ready to use. Don't worry if some rice flour remains ground into the surface of the molcajete, it will cause no problem.

How to cure a Mexican lava stone molcajete by Ancient Cookware (English)

Video Como curar un molcajete, how to season a molcajete por Ricky Receta Facil


Molcajete de Piedra con Tejolote incluido - 20 cm diametro x 15 cm alto

El Molcajete es un utensilio de cocina original, indispensable y muy practico que fue usado por primera vez en la era pre-hispanica hace 3500 anos, para hacer salsas y moler hierbas y especias. El Molcajete de Piedra Negra es un mortero de piedra volcanica con tres patas, tallada en forma de tazon, que sirve para moler chiles, especias y hierbas para hacer salsas y guacamole. La palabra Molcajete viene del Nahuatl Molli (Salsa) y Caxitl (Cajete) y puede ser de piedra porosa (la major) o de barro vidriado. La mano del molcajete, tambien de piedra porosa en forma de pera que acompana al molcajete, se llama tejolote o texolotl del Nahuatl Tetl (piedra) y xocotl (machacar o pulverizar). El Tejolote tambien es conocido como temolote o telmalchin.

El Molcajete or mortero se sigue usando en la elaboracion de alimentos hasta el dia de hoy en los estados del centro y sur de Mexico. Los alimentos se pueden machacar en un molcajete como de ninguna otra manera. Muchas de las veces, el Molcajete es utilizado en la realizacion de una salsa por la textura muy especial y el sabor que estas adquieren al ser elaboradas en un molcajete. Las salsas y guacamole pueden ser servidas en la mesa en el mismo molcajete donde fueron preparados, ya que este le da a la mesa un toque rustico. Aunque la comida no hierve o cocina en un molcajte, cuando este se calienta se mantiene caliente por mucho tiempo, asi que no te sorprendas si encuentras tu comida caliente aun despues de media hora de haberla servido.

Tips para curar el Molcajete

Para curar un molcajete lo unico que necesitas es moler ajo con sal y agua hasta que este deje de desprender tierra o arena. Otra forma de curar su molcajete, ya que pequenos granos de piedra pueden ser liberados de la superficie cuando se utiliza por primera vez, es machacar o moler arroz en el molcajete hasta que el molcajete no desprenda mas color Negro. No se preocupe si queda algo de arroz molido en la superficie del molcajete, no causara problemas.

Video Salsa Mexicana hecha en Molcajete receta de Chef Ana Martorell


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87% Recommend this product (67 of 77 responses)
By Marilyn
Zwolle, LA
This is the real deal!!
October 11, 2020
I am very pleased with my purchase and made guacamole in it after seasoning it by grinding several handfuls of rice in it to smooth it out. It is also a work of hand hewn art and is beautiful on my kitchen counter.
By EdinNaZu
West Virginia
Great Molcajete
January 10, 2020
Extremely well crafted and heavy/durable. Fast shipping. Very pleased.
By Terri
Prospect, Ct
Great product
October 28, 2019
Just like the picture. Great for grinding herbs, avocados, spices. Would definitely by this again
By Missy C.
I am in love!
April 22, 2019
I purchased this after watching friends make fabulous guacamole in their molcajete. I have made guacamole and salsa at least once a week since getting my molcajete. The online video tutorial thoroughly explains how to prepare the molcajete and I have had no problems what-so-ever. I have enjoyed experimenting with a variety grilled/roasted peppers and tomatoes in my guacamole and salsa. The possibilities are simply endless!
By Tyna S.
santa rosa CA
wow this is it!!!!!
April 11, 2019
I have finally found an authentic molcajete 🙌🏼 thank you mex grocer!!! not a single bit of grit after curing
  • great size
  • authentic
  • none
By Mickey
Fort Collins, CO
Best Molcajete I've seen for sale
July 28, 2018
Authentic lava molcajete! I have purchased two of these now... one as a gift, and one for myself. It is a wonderful deep "bowl" with plenty of room for guacamole or salsas.... such a fun and extremely useful addition to my kitchen.
Long Beach, California
Black volcanic rock molcajete
March 9, 2012
This is a very good quality molcajete in which you can make superb guacamoles and salsas. Mine is about 8 inches across and holds a little over 3 cups. The tejolote is a bit more than 4 1/2 inches long. I have had it for about 3 months now, and use it often. The black stone it is made from has just the right amount of porosity (holes) for effective grinding (I have used some of the smoother ones and they actually take more effort and time to grind the ingredients because there is not enough "tooth" in the surface to do the job). In this one I can make up a good guacamole fast! I seasoned mine by grinding white rice in it until it no longer shed the tiny black particles. it really continues to get better the more you use it. I clean it with hot water and a brush only. I highly recommend this molcajete. Thank you MexGrocer!
  • Great quality black volcanic rock and craftsmanship. The "bowl" shape is just right especially where it curves upward to meet the lip or rim. The tejolote (pestle) is the perfect shape and size.
  • No dislikes.
By Heather
Erie, Colorado
The real deal, good quality.
January 9, 2024
It looks great and I’m looking forward to using it with my dad and his gf. It’s definitely real volcanic rock and looks great! It stands perfectly level, and is a great addition to the kitchen. I can’t wait to season it and use it.
By Todd
Pestle surface is too flat
June 19, 2023
First of all I really like this molcajete - it's not fancy but that's why I like it. Call it rustic or whatever but imperfections give something like this character. Curing took a little while because of its size but I expected that. It took me about 4 rounds of grinding rice to get it fully cured. Each molcajete is diffferent, as some require more and some require less. My only issue is the pestle - It's completely flat, which made curing the the surface near the rim difficult. I wish the grinding surface of the pestle was slightly rounded to make grinding easier and more efficient.
By Peter C.
Saco, California
Beautiful Molcajete
February 16, 2023
I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful molcajete from your store. I have cured and seasoned it and thought that you might want to see the finished product (please see attached).
By Nicolasa
Silver Spring, Md
Good quality
February 2, 2022
I’m impressed by the molcajete. Plan on making some great salsas with it!
By Gloria
January 23, 2022
Wish the pestle could be bought separately
By Melanie
Sandbeach, PA
I love my molcajete
October 16, 2020
The one my family uses in Mexico is almost exactly the same. It makes me happy to have this here in the US.
  • The surface is great for efficiently mincing and combining ingredients. It is also visually appealing.
  • Well, it IS heavy, but that?s part of its charm.
By Anonymous
Dewey, AZ
Wonderful in so many ways
October 5, 2020
My husband ordered for us and it is perfect! So many great meals will revolve around this.
By Ardis A.
Westlake, Ohio
Molcajete de Piedra volcanica
September 16, 2020
Received my order, very pleased, the size was right, workmanship very good, received order very quickly. Will be ordering more from Thank you, my son will love this!!
By Ana
Nashville Tennessee
Lava Stone Mortar and Pestle. Love It!!!
September 9, 2020
Excellent addition to my kitchen. Solid and rustic. Couldn't be happier. Thanks! Great product from Mexico!
By Alicia
Chicago, IL
I love my molcajete
August 17, 2020
I just got done making some habenero salsa in my new molcajete and it is so delicious. I wish it was a bit more bigger so I could make a larger amount. It would be even better if the grinding stone was longer so my fingers wouldn’t be in the salsa while grinding. My fingers are burning from the chile lol
By Connie
August 10, 2020
I love the rustic and uniqueness of my molcajete. It takes a bit to cure it but so worth it.
  • No sand in the salsa after curing it.
  • Wish the tejocote was a bit longer so my hands don?t touch the salsa when I?m grinding it away.
By Shannon
Myrtle Beach, SC
July 12, 2020
Very happy with this purchase, everything I expected.
  • Authentic
  • none
By Paul C.
San Antonio, TX
Authentic city
July 10, 2020
Fantastic for guacamole and homemade salsa
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes for a super cool serving container
  • Cool looking
  • Authentic cooking vessel
  • Seasoning takes a while but worth it when it's ready.
By Landi
Asheville, NC
Authentic and awesome
July 8, 2020
I got exactly what I wanted. Seasoned it up, and I have been making the best salsas I have ever made. Comfortable to use, and really heirloom quality. If anything happens to my molcajete, I will buy another one from this site. It shipped securely, too and arrived safe and sound. Don't hesitate if you want a quality lava rock molcajete.
  • Handmade, natural stone, well formed.
By Natalie
Tulsa, ok
July 7, 2020
Love this Molcajete so much I ordered another one for guacamole!!
It is perfect and exactly what I was looking for!
  • Its real lava rock. Not 2 are identical and you can see the tool markings from the craftsmanship!
  • None
By John S.
Athens, GA
Love It
June 29, 2020
I have been waiting for the right mortar and pestle for years. This one delivers exactly what I’ve been searching for. It’s a heavy base that allows me to extract everything out of the ingredients I’m using for a dish. Highly recommend it!!!!
By Juan
Miami Florida
June 27, 2020
Very good molcajete I have already used it several times!
It came in a very well done package and arrived intact
By Javier
December 16, 2019
Perfect just like my mother used. My mother has passed what I remember is the sound it makes when she was grinding peper and cumin when I was little back in the 60s
  • Well made
By Jesus
Plymouth Michigan
Good Molcajete to make Salsas
October 2, 2019
It’s nice to have a real Molcajete (looks real) but nowadays I dont know. But it looks good and I have made already like 5 salsas and it hasnt shown any defects. Recommended if you want a real Molcajete from Mexico. Viva Mexico!
By Stephanie
Love this product
August 2, 2019
Love this! I wish you made a bigger one!
By Rose H.
San Diego
I love my Molcajes! I went directly to the warehouse and got 2!
August 2, 2019
Mom owns one, it’s 50 yrs old. She gave me a small one and love it, but needed a bigger one. I love the Lava Rock material, texture and detail. It is art from my beautiful culture. Every piece is uniquely crafted to its perfection. Don’t expect any to look alike. That is the beauty of it. I got one for my Boyfriend in Vegas and one for me just because I fell in love with them. The River Rock is also beautiful but I preferred the Lava Rock. I recommend to anyone! *treatment is easy-google has many ideas* Enjoy shopping! My new shopping website
  • Perfect size! Legit
  • None
By Mayra G.
Great quality
July 18, 2019
By Kenny
Dennison, Ohio
"I did it my way"
May 17, 2019
I wanted an authentic molcajete so I went to am-a-son not to purchase but to get bits of info from customers etc and such elsewhere. Somehow I ended up online mexgrocer in san diego my hometown too. I learned a lot by then and it's close to the border and made of lava. After watching some utubes online and picking the best methods each of what I thought for curing and seasoning and put each idea together I recommend this: add 1/2 cup of salt and a splash of vinegar to a pot of water and boil the molcajete and for 20 minutes or so. Rinse in running water never use soap for cleaning. Then add water not rice inside the molcajete and begin the process of smoothing out the inside and top edge. Of course this includes the pastel. Smooth all of it except the outside unless you want that. The water will paste eventually but it's still a good lubricant for grinding stone etc. Rinse then add wet rice and grind. Should be smooth after job is done. Season it with jalapenos garlic and...what ever. Let it set put in the oven upside down over a pan 300 degrees for 30's done.
  • It's mine
  • No complaints
By Chucho
Chicago, Illinois
May 2, 2019
Product was delivered as promised. I thought it needed to be seasoned, but it was ready to go out of the box.

By Vimary
Love it
May 1, 2019
I am very happy with my purchase, it arrived very well packed. Sturdy and good quality. I already my first salsa.
By Blanca M.
Seattle, WA
Highly recommended!!! :D
March 26, 2019
The best purchase ever!!! Making salsa in my molcajete is simply the best. I love it so much that I even bought one for my dad and my sister
  • Authentic
By Carol
Boise, ID
September 26, 2018
I bought this as a gift for a friend, she loved her mothers and always said she wanted one just like it, so I purchased this beautiful black lava Molcajete for her. We were both blown away by how beautiful it was, just amazing and just like her mothers. She is so excited to use it!
By Greg
Very cool
September 22, 2018
Great piece. I use it every day
By Robyn
Batavia, IL
Love it
June 9, 2018
It was pretty easy to season. I love it for making gaucamole. Nothing works quite as well. I love the way it looks so much - I leave it out on the table.
By Sandra V.
Tucson AZ
Black Lava Stone Mortar & Pestle
June 5, 2018
I love this product. I have cured it, and used it for making guacamole. it was awesome, and perfect size for the company.

I love this, it is exactly what I needed and just like the one that I used in Mexico.
  • Very heavy and sturdy. Due to the stone, makes grinding harder spices, like whole peppers really easy and quick!
  • Curing it! But I expected to have to do it, I love that I controlled the cure.
By jgs
Great quality - very nicely made molcajete.
June 2, 2018
Great quality - nicely made molcajete. I followed the seasoning instructions that were emailed to me (thank you!) and have enjoyed using it. I made salsa verde just today! Also, it is just beautiful in my kitchen.
By Jacqueline M.
Lakewood, NJ
Perfect!! No sand!!
April 4, 2018
I love this molcajete! thats what I have been looking for. My husband and I are very pleased with it and my salsa is amazing every time.
By Chuck D.
Parkesburg, PA
Great, Real Basalt Molcajete at a Good Price
December 29, 2017
Initially I was searching for a simple mortar and pestle to grind some spices. My search led to a molcajete and I was intrigued. I had seen them used as serving dishes in restaurants but never thought about what they were used for except serving. The more a searched the better information I got. I decided I wanted a real basalt (not composite materials) with a decent size. This one fit all of my requirements and more. The size is great for a good sized serving of salsa verde (about ½ quart or so). It’s attractive and can be used as a serving dish. Best of all the price is great!

When you get it, expect to spend some time “seasoning” it. I found lots of help in the internet and the Mexgrocer site has instructions as well. I did a bunch of dry grinding the bowl and lip and pestle (both ends with nothing in it. This doesn’t make the bowl smooth but it does break away stone that would loosen with use. Then I took my power sprayer to it for 15 minutes or so. Any loose material in the crevices and texture. I followed this by grinding some rice as recommended just to see if there was any dust in the crushed rice – there wasn’t. I finished by smashing some salt and garlic in with the rice and worked it in throughout the bowl and let it sit overnight before cleaning it. The bowl was very useable at this point. Probably overkill for seasoning but it was sort of fun.

Using the molcajete is great. I find that I don’t have to peel the tomatoes or tomatillos as I would if using a food processor since the skin is ground up completely by the rough texture of the bowl. The same for chiles. Garlic onions become a paste. The molcajete does a far better job of grinding and mixing ingredients than a food processor but it does so at the expense of your muscles! After three batches of salsa in one day I really felt it later that night! I later used the molcajete only as a serving dish for guacamole ( I don’t care for pureed avocado so I smashed it with a fork) with the other salsas beside it. All in all, a great product. You will not be disappointed with this one!

By the way...It works perfectly well as a simple mortar and pestle for grinding spices though you may lose some because of the texture.
  • Real basalt - not a concrete composite
  • Good size
  • Takes some time and effort to "season" it
By Mick
San Augustine, TX
Great customer service
November 11, 2017
The first molcajete I ordered arrived with a leg broken off. I contacted customer service and they quickly sent out another one at no charge. They even allowed me to keep the broken one, which while broken, could still be used (just not level). Spent a few hours preparing them by grinding rice in them and now they're ready for delicious salsas!
By Kas
San Francisco
Exactly what I was looking for!
October 3, 2017
I received my molcajete within a few days and when I opened it I found one with "character" as I noticed some of the bottom leg crumbled off but it still stood perfectly! I thought it made it unique as imperfections always do! Its a wonderful addition that I have long been wanting! Thank you !
  • Authentic
  • Great size
By Diana
I LOVE my molcajete!
May 29, 2017
I tried to season my molcajete the "rice way" but 45 minutes later I deciced to follow what others have done here and on youtube and go to my local manual car wash and use their power-wash hose & it worked great! I got 4 minutes per wash time so I did it twice because I didn't get all of the rice out the first time around. I made guacamole and fresh salsa in it after cleaning and rinsing it at home with vinegar and a brush! I can agree with all the other reveiws that say the molcajete gives your food this amazing yummy taste that you don't get in a plain bowl and the way it grinds and mashes the ingredients makes the food the perfect consistentcy! I am so glad I purchased my molcajete!!! Very happy 😊!

  • Can tell it is made from the right kind of volcanic rock and from one piece and that I don't have to worry there is concrete mixed in with the rock! Worth the price!
  • none!
By Gary S.
Medford, Oregon
Classi Morter & Pestle
January 27, 2017
I thought that this would be a lot harder to break-in but after a few grindings of rice I put water in the well and cooked it in the over on a tray until the rice was gone. I've always wanted one, now I'll have it forever!
By Don F.
Lake City, Co
November 9, 2016
Using this tool gives fantastic flavor to gucamole.what a difference it makes!
  • Easy to season and use
By Chris P.
Delray Beach, Fl
Awesome Molcajete
September 27, 2016
Love this Molcajete. Wasn't hard to season it at all. Its the perfect size to use 2-3 avacados to make Guac.
By Chris
Murray ky
September 14, 2016
As expected
By Maria
Carolina del Norte
Molcajete de piedra negra
September 7, 2016
Es muy bueno el molcajete para hacer salsas .
  • Es buen producto 
By An :.
Los Angeles
Works just as described
July 4, 2016
Works amazing, it's not cured so make sure to check online on how to do so.
By Marilyn
Denton, Texas
Great item!
May 1, 2016
On receipt of my molcajete, I was amazed how large, nice, and heavy it was. I performed the curing phase several times till it was ready to use.  I love making salsa with it!  I'm extremely pleased with my purchase!!  Thanks!



5 1/4" x 2 1/2"
8" D x 6" H
1 unit


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