Spirulina Natural 500 mg by Earthrise - 180 Tablets

Spirulina Natural 500 mg by Earthrise
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Product Features
  • Green Superfood for Longevity
  • Promotes Immune Health
  • Protects Heart & Brain from Oxidative Stress
  • Powerful Antioxidant Protection
  • Contains Phycocynain, Chlorophyll and Beta-Carotene


Spirulina Natural 500 mg by Earthrise - Espirulina

Use Earthrise Spirulina and feel the energy, vitality and well being.

Learn more about Spirulina from Earthrise at What is Spirulina by Earthrise

Spirulina, also called Espirulina or Spirulin is the green superfood for longevity, promotes immune health, protects heart and brain from oxidative stress, is a powerful antioxidant, contains phicocynain, chlorophyll and beta carotene. Spirulina is 100% vegetarian, naturally and ecologically grown in California USA.

Spirulina - Artrospira Platensis. Spirulina contains high amounts of vitamin B-12. It helps to control sugar levels and encourages weight loss. It is high in chlorophyil and iron. Spirulina suports the immune system, protects the brain from oxidative stress and makes you feel more energetic. Spirulin.

Video Benefits of Spirulina by Mercola


Espirulina Natural 500mg marca Earthrise - 180 tabletas

Espirulina - Spirulina. Spiruline. La Alga Espirulina ayuda a controlar el peso, da alta potencia, previene el cáncer y el envejecimiento, baja el colesterol, combate la diabetes y es un buen complemento nutricional. Al concentrado de Algas Espirulinas los aztecas lo tomaban y llamaban: Tecuitlatl que significa polvo de piedra. La espirulina es parecida al limo, es un alga azul-verdosa.


Spirulina Natural 500 mg by Earthrise


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