Mexican Vanilla 100% Pure Extract - 4.2 fl oz

Mexican Vanilla 100% Pure Extract
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Mexican Vanilla 100% Pure Extract 4.2 FL OZ

Vanilla Real is prized as the finest gourmet vanilla extract in the world. Desired by chefs and cooks throughout North America, its smooth, versatile flavor enhances any recipe, especially desserts, baked goods, fruit salads, dairy products, and beverages. Intensely strong, yet sweet and delicious with no bitter aftertaste, Vanilla Real is harvested and imported from Mexico, where vanilla was discovered. Vanilla Real is pure vanilla extract – 100% natural, gluten free, coumarin-free.

Vanilla is a delicate Mexican flavor that enhances many foods. Amber in color, Real Vanilla is 100% pure extract of the vanilla bean. Vainilla de Mexico.

Vanilla bean extractives in water, alcohol (36%) and corn syrup.
Gluten Free.


Vanilla is Mexico's gift to the world! When the Spanish explorer Hernan Cortez first met Emperor Moctezuma, during a religious ceremony, Cortez was offered a very exotic, special and original drink, which was named ""Xocohotl"".The drink was basically Chocolate and Vanilla. It so please Cortez that he inquired as to its special original flavor and fragrance; he was told it was Vanilla (Little Sheath which describes the shape of the Vanilla pod)Cortez was so impressed that he returned to Spain with a supply of Vanilla to add this special flavor and fragrance to the palate of the Spanish King.

At this moment in time because of the rarity and extraordinary cost in shipping, it soon became the exclusive and favored drink of all the Aristocrats and Royalty of Europe.

For the ensuing 300 years, Mexican Vanilla was transplanted to the different tropical zones throughout the world, without success.

Vanilla, a species of a climbing Orchid, grew a beautiful foliage and flowers in each of these regions but it never produced any Vanilla pods. A mystery to the world until 1836, a Frenchman observing very closely the original Vanilla plant, in Mexico, discovered the reason.Each of the orchid blooms was visited by the small ""Melipona"" bee, pollinization produced the fruit! Only in Mexico is the MELIPONA BEE found.

The most famous vanilla in Mexico comes from the region of Papantla in the state of Veracruz in the Golf of Mexico.

Since this discovery, Mexican Vanilla has been produced in other tropical regions of the world, but only through artificial pollinization.
This is the reason why Mexican Vanilla is the finest for flavor and fragrance throughout the world.


Real Vainilla 100%

100% Extracto de vainilla pura marca Real


La vainilla se obtiene de una planta orquídea de tallos sarmentosos y trepadores. Las flores de color amarillento de la vainilla son muy fragantes, las carnosas vainas que da la planta carecen totalmente de aroma hasta el momento en que se secan y curan. La vaina suele medir entre 15 y 23 cm. de largo; es delgada y contiene una pulpa oleosa y numerosas semillas de tamaño minúsculo . Se recolectan cuando aún están verdes, pero al curarlas adquieren un color castaño oscuro y su superficie externa se hace rugosa. De cada vaina sólo se obtiene un 2 % de vainilla, el principio aromático que se utiliza para dar sabor a diversos alimentos. Su extracción de las vainas se efectúa mediante un proceso en el que se emplean alcoholes. La planta de la vainilla se cultiva extensamente en las zonas de clima cálido y húmedo. Se usan árboles o emparrados como soporte de los tallos trepadores.


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By Rita
New Albany, Indiana
January 4, 2017
Mexican Vanilla
Mexican vanilla is the best. This was purchased as Christmas presents, everyone was pleased. I haven't traveled to Mexico in several years to bring back Mexican vanilla, this is the best way to get it. It came well packed and safe.
By Joan
princeton, ky
October 17, 2016
vanilla - great
vanilla is great as always but did not receive promised chulula!
By mmetz105
Buffalo, NY
October 22, 2013
This vanilla does have 36% alcohol
I don't understand why 'Pat' would review it as alcohol free, when the ingredients state it has corn syrup and 36% alcohol?
ProsStill it's a good product for my baking
Consnot alcohol free
By Pat
January 21, 2011
Review for Mexican Vanilla 100% Pure Extract
Wonderful natural flavor for baked foods and non-bake recipes, as it's without alcohol or chemical flavorings. We have children allergic to most additives, and friends who are zero alcohol, so this vanilla is perfect and very delicious.
By Sandi Nagel
September 25, 2010
Review for Mexican Vanilla 100% Pure Extract
I have used all of this vanilla and it was great. Whatever I used it in made it taste great.



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