La Lechera Fat Free Milk by Nestle (Pack of 3) - 14.1 oz

La Lechera
La Lechera Fat Free Milk by Nestle (Pack of 3)
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La Lechera Fat Free Milk by Nestle (Pack of 3) 14.1 oz.

La Lechera is a Nestle product that hasbeen putting smiles on your family's face with its sweet and creamy goodnesssince 1921! Now you can make your favorite desserts and beverages intosomething very special for your family without the guilt. Fat free milk is goodfor your health and now you can create the most exquisite desserts you canimagine with this sweet ingredient, such as pancakes, crepes, ice cream, fruit,mousse, pie, milk gelatins and the famous "three leches" cake withoutthe fat, calories and less sugar. You can also use it to make and sweetenbeverages such as atole, smoothies, or coffee. It is up to you to come up withunique ideas, with the reassurance that no matter what you make it will begreat. Just like in its signature slogan...make wonders with La Lechera!


La Lechera baja en grasa de Nestle (Empaque con 3) 14.1 oz.

La leche de lata baja en calorias es un producto de Nestle que a estado poniendo sonrisas en elrostro de tu familia con su buena calidad dulce y cremosa desde 1921. Ahorapuedes hacer tus postres y bebidas favoritas en algo muy especial para tufamilia sin la culpa. La leche baja en grasa es buena para tu salud y ahorapuedes crear los mas exquisitos postres que puedas imaginar con este dulceingrediente, postres como hotcakes, helado, fruta, mousse, pay, gelatinas y elfamoso pastel de


La Lechera Fat Free Milk by Nestle (Pack of 3)


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