La Victoria Green Salsa Jalapena - Extra Hot - 16 oz

La Victoria
La Victoria Green Salsa Jalapena - Extra Hot
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La Victoria Green Salsa Jalapena Extra Hot - 16 oz - DISCONTINUED

A Jalapeno chile lovers salsa! Salsa Jalapena is an excellent garnish for those who like it HOT. New Size with more Salsa now 16 oz jar, 12 oz size was discontinued.

Jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, water, onions, green tomatos, tomatillos, distilled vinegar, salt, modified food starch and garlic. La Victoria Salsas.


La Victoria Salsa Jalapena Verde - Muy Picante 454 g

La Salsa Jalapena La Victoria es ideal para los amantes de la salsa con jalapenos. La salsa ranchera es excelente para acompanar cualquier platillo de la comida Mexicana autentica. Salsa roja muy picante con jalapenos, pimiento morron, tomates verdes y tomatillos, cebolla, ajo, vinagre y sal.


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74% Recommend this product (43 of 58 responses)
By Elizabeth C.
Lansing, MI
I love this salsa!
January 24, 2022
This is not the kind of salsa I eat with chips, but it makes all recipes better and makes the best topping for tacos, tostadas, nachos, eggs, etc. I use this instead of jalape�o rings. Absolutely LOVE it!
  • Delicious
By Kay B.
Loxahatchee, Florida and Gainesboro, TN
Bring Salsa Jalapena - Extra Hot back!
January 3, 2024
Salsa Jalapena-Extra Hot is absolutely THE best I have EVER had! I have been unable to find it in any grocery store OR online. The last time I purchased, I bought a case. Obviously I should have gotten several. PLEASE bring it back to the grocery stores and/or have it available online! Thank you
  • There are NO cons concerning salsa jalapena - extra hot! My whole family loves it!
By Diane C.
Menifee California
The very best Salsa!!
November 18, 2023
I really need you to bring back, I use it in several recipes. Can't make it without this salsa. I've tried many different salsa's none are even close.. Please BRING BACK!!!!
By Upset C.
Munster, IN
Please Bring it Back!
September 13, 2023
I have been eating this salsa for a very long time. I had been lucky to fin it in Jewels stores a couple of years ago but have been unable to find it anywhere since then. Why would the manufacture stop producing such a tasty salsa that so many enjoy? I am so disturbed by this that I still consistently look for it with great hopes in whatever grocery store I attend. I am tired of being disappointed to no linger find it anywhere. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! PLEASE! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!!
Best green jalape
July 1, 2023
I am going through withdrawals. Why would the company stop making such a great product? I have been buying this for decades!
By Danniel A.
Santa Clarita California
Why is it not available?
June 25, 2023
this is treason! bring it back. I'll never use any of your other products until you bring it back!
it's ridiculous to stop carrying something that everyone loves!!!!

Merchant Response:Sorry! Megamex Foods owner of La Victoria Salsas discontinued this product. We also love it!!
  • this stuff is the BOMB.
  • nothing it's the BOMB!
By Marilyn E.
Broomfield CO
Love this salsa!!
May 24, 2023
Please start making Salsa Jalape
  • Exceptional. I put it on everything.
By Lori
Best Salsa Ever
May 23, 2023
I cannot find this?!? 👿 I need this salsa to make my queso! Now you need to make the Kroger and Publix carry it again. I used to be able to get it on Amazon. Now I can't even get it on there anymore. Please! I need a case of it. Or a truck full or just 12 jars. What happened to it??? Here Dez must have paid off the grocery stores to exclude la Victoria because everyone knows it's the best! *pissed*
By Nancy
St. Louis
I need this
May 16, 2023
I haven't enjoyed a tortilla since this has been out of stock!
By Ruth
Bring this back!!!!
May 1, 2023
My husband of 38 years has always loved your Salsa Jalape�o. His father did too. Imagine our shock when we found out that a product as well loved as this was discontinued!
Please bring it back!

Merchant Response:Sorry, it sounds that it will be discontinued. Try Salsa Victoria or Salsa Ranchera by La Victoria they are both very good and HOT
By Steve T.
San Diego
Why is this out of stock? Listen to your customers!
April 23, 2023
This is hands down the best authentic commercial salsa ever, and it's been out of stock since the beginning of the pandemic. Certainly salsa is a subjective take. Objectively though, as a San Diego native who has been around some excellent salsas, this is as good a salsa verde picante as it gets. I asked a local Stater Bros. store to bring in a case for me about 15 years ago. Then they put it on the shelf and it flew out. A 2nd Stater Bros. then added it. So - where is it?? C'mon La Victoria - listen to your customers. I haven't bought a La Vic product since, I'm so hacked off.

Merchant Response:We are very sorry for you to be disturbed for this situation. Our apologies. We are also concerned, because many of our customers feel like you. We keep insisting the manufactured Megamex Foods to bring them back again. I suggest you look at all our La Victoria Salsas and if they have a Red Cap they are very Hot. Try Salsa Victoria, Salsa Ranchera and Salsa Brava. They are very good as well.
Best overall of any seasoning for guacamole
March 1, 2023
I have been using this product for over 30 years and i was always able to get them from Horrocks in Battle Creek, Michigan. I usually get 4 to 6 jars of it. In the last 4 months or so, they have been unavailable and it upsets me because I cant find it. Please tell me its still available somewhere?? My son used it too and he took some of my jars.
By Janelle
For Pierce, Florida
Missing Salsa Jalapena
February 26, 2023
To the company that owns this brand, you are getting 5 stars reviews and customers want this product and your out of stock. What is up with that. Please don't discontinue this item it means so much to customers. You have a lot of customers that want this product and can't get it. I read the reviews and perhaps you should too. I personally realized I have not been eating my home made tacos because I can't get this green salsa. I usually buy this salsa and others at the same time. Here in Florida the La Victoria brand is not being pushed in the grocery stores which I think it is a shame. You have great products and it should be out in the stores to buy.
By Laurie L.
February 21, 2023
I’ve been on the look out for this as I use this with your green enchilada sauce to give it a little kick …. If you come across some or know where may have some I would be interested in buying. Thank you Laurie in Cali

Merchant Response:Sorry, we are also sad that we can't get this item any more.
By Unhappy A.
December 11, 2022
This by far the BEST SALSA I have ever had. WHY WOULD YOU DISCONTINUE!!!!!!!

Merchant Response:Thank you for your comments, we keep asking our supplier Megamex Foods to bring it back. Sorry!
By Anonymous
Only thing I put on everything
October 11, 2022
Great for dipping and mixing with valveta chopper onions on a double boiling
By cindy
October 7, 2022
Please get this back in your inventory. Can't find it in my grocery store anymore or anywhere but here. I order it by the case for that reason!

Merchant Response:Sorry, the manufacturer stop making this product. We are also very sorry, we can't get it any more? Our apologies!
By Don g.
Awesome flavor...
July 15, 2022
I eat this right out of the jar.... is so good...I actually spread it over nachos and cheese....
By Wayne
Bowling Green, Kentucky USA
Hot and flavorful
May 29, 2021
I used to be able to get this at my local grocery, but they stopped stocking it. I'm so glad that Mexgrocer has it available! This is among the best jalape?o relishes (salsas) I have ever tasted.
  • Hot and Tasty!
  • If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!!
By Ed
Imperial Beach
Good stuff
November 3, 2020
Can't find this in regular grocert stores. Closest I could find is Medium. This Extra Hot is Hot, but I like my Salsa even Hotter. But that is just me. Overall very good tasty salsa.
October 29, 2020
By Anonymous
Ed....Imperial Beach, Ca.
Can't find it at grocery stores
October 1, 2020
The hottest green salsa. Very tasty, nice kick. Can't find it at grocery stores. Will be ordering again soon.
Glad I found you guys.
By David B.
Folsom, Ca.
subtle heat
June 29, 2020
my wife mistakenly added this to your enchiladas suizas recipe. She loved it and I was in 7th heaven. It’s hot but delicious.
By Zaira
Nashville, TN
Good taste
May 16, 2020
Gives good taste
By Jen
March 13, 2020
Love this.... absolutely the Best!!!!!
By Delores W.
La Victoria Salsa Jalapeno Extra Hot
January 9, 2020
The best of all salsas. For some reason I can't seam to find it anymore in this town that I live in, so I just order from you on line. LOVE IT.
By Shellbell
Rohnert Park CA
Makes my tamales sing
August 3, 2019
The level of heat and flavor are perfection
By Michael
best hot sauce
July 3, 2019
heat with flavor best hot hot i have had
  • unable to find this in my area.
By Roxanna
Galt, CA
5 Stars for this Salsa
March 27, 2019
I love this salsa, I use it All the time
By May
Lake Tahoe
My favorite salsa
October 11, 2018
I love the flavor and hotness of this salsa
Grants Pass, OR
La Victoria Green Salsa Jalapena-Extra hot
August 20, 2018
I do not find this salsa to hot but it has the best favor of any salsa I tried. It is really really good on tacos, bean burrito and mixed in scramble eggs. This is definitely a 10 star rating
  • great taste
  • cannot find in local stores
By Wayne
Bowling Green, KY
An excellent and hard-to-find salsa
March 11, 2018
This is my favorite salsa: it is flavorful and very spicy for those of us who like our dishes caliente. I used to be able to get this at my local grocery, but they stopped carrying it. I'm very happy to have found Mexgrocer. Now I can order my favorite LaVictoria products (they are one of my favorite brands), as well as other specialties. I continue to discover different things to try every time I order.
  • Very tasty and very hot-- as jalepeno salsa SHOULD BE!
  • The jar doesn't last long enough!
By Val P.
San Jose, CA
Extra Hot!
June 10, 2017
Everyone loves my guacamole not only because it's extra tasty but because it is extra hot!
By Nancy N.
Tustin, Ca
February 26, 2017
Husband loved it!
By Paul H.
Ringgold Georgia
Cheese quesadillas
January 19, 2017
" El Taco " in Dublin Ca. Use to make a cheese quesadilla that can only be made with this salsa , take a flour tortilla throw on hot grill turn once spread salsa ad sreaded mild cheddar cheese.roll up quick , should be very soft ,salsa and melted cheese .
By Arlene D.
Pahrump, NV
Thank You
November 26, 2015
I could not find this product in any markets Mexican or American any more until I was referred to your website. By far the best salsa canned or bottled ever!
By Lori
November 24, 2015
Excellent product, I've ordered before and will order again. My only issue is the shipping cost went up.
By Jim
Picayune, MS.
La Victoria Salsa
October 30, 2014
Excellent salsa. I make sure I always have some in stock. Only one in house that uses it. Deliveries are always quick and never had any breakage.
  • Excellent taste
  • Cannot buy locally
By Liz
Northern California
for the best chicken burritos ...
January 24, 2013
We cook chicken breasts in this (and some chicken broth and evaporated milk added after) for using in Tex-Mex style burritos. It is the perfect salsa for this, not too salty, nice heat. I was (as many others have commented) very disappointed when it disappeared from the grocery shelves here, so I am incredibly grateful that it is available online. The jars arrive in excellent condition: packed very securely.
By Frank A.
St Henry, Ohio
Awesome salsa!
October 28, 2012
Been using this product since I came back to Ohio from New Mexico. This salsa is great! I love it!
By John G.
Tucson, Az.
Had to order on-line
August 12, 2012
Extra hot Green salsa has been a favorite for quite some tims.
Used to be able to buy off shelf at local grocery.
Though other La Victoria products are available the xtra hot red or green are not.
Tried so many other so called hot salsas none are close to flavor with heat as this has.
I'll be back.
  • Flavor and heat.
  • I find nothing to dislike except running out.
By Connie
May 5, 2012
La Victoria products are the closes you can get to the real thing...
  • I like everything about La Victoria products.... jalapeno salsa is great....
By todd o.
gig harbor wa
the bomb
March 20, 2012
i"m so pissed off none of the major stores in washington sell this product anymore.they sell medium and it suxs bad please put this sauce back to the shelves with the medium please
  • great taste
  • they dont sell it it but they sell the medium and it suxs
By Glenn
Pine Grove, CA
La Victoria Green Salsa Jalapena - Extra Hot
January 12, 2012
Used this product for many years until it was no longer available in stores. Ordered it online from La Victoria until they stopped selling to the public. Glad to see you are carrying it.
By Sandy J.
Port Charlotte, FL
Best salsa around
January 7, 2012
I have used this salsa since the 1980's when I lived in California. Then I moved to FL in 1987 and could find it every once in a while. Then in the late 90's I could not find it at all. So every time I visited CA I would stock up and bring it home with me. So glad I found this website, now I have a constant supply of this great product. I use it in all of my mexican cooking as well as adding it to my homemade salsa. Lots of heat but use accordingly to your own personal taste. Highly recommended. Enjoy!!!
By Lyle
Review for La Victoria Green Salsa Jalapeña - Extra Hot
May 31, 2011
This is a really great salsa to cook with that will add the right amount of zing without causing any real fire in the hole. I ordered this salsa from MexGrocer because I could not find it locally anymore. If you want a great salsa that goes with most anything, this is the one as far as I'm concerned. Thank you MexGrocer for carrying this product. I will be ordering more.
By Jim S.
Review for La Victoria Green Salsa Jalapeña - Extra Hot
May 21, 2011
Outstanding, even better than the Red. Use it all the time and order in plenty of time so I don't run out.
By Brad
Review for La Victoria Green Salsa Jalapeña - Extra Hot
March 28, 2011
I think Xavier Martinez said it all. "I have used this product for many years, and at one point it was not available in most markets in my area. Buying it on line from this site is the best thing since hot sausce. Great product."
By Xavier M.
Review for La Victoria Green Salsa Jalapeña - Extra Hot
March 16, 2011
I have used this product for many years, and at one point it was not available in most markets in my area. Buying it on line from this site is the best thing since hot sausce. Great product, great site!
By James P.
Review for La Victoria Green Salsa Jalapeña - Extra Hot
February 20, 2011
I used to live west of the Mississippi, but upon moving to the east coast finding LV products has become difficult. Thank goodness for this website! Great products and great customer service.




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