Embasa Whole Tomatillos - 12 oz

Embasa Whole Tomatillos
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Embasa Whole green tomatillos for use in Salsa Verde, green sauce and other tomatillo dishes. Green Sauce.


Tomatillos - These are green tomatoes or husk tomatoes, known in Mexico as "tomato verde" or "tomatillos." Vine-ripened in the tropical Mexican sun, they are not unripe tomatoes. They are, however, an indispensable item in Mexico's cooking - there would be no salsa verde (green sauce) without them! Practical and high yielding in the kitchen, their main use is for blending or chopping in sauces.

Embasa Tomatillos Enteros

Tomatillos enteros Embasa deliciosos para preparar salsa verde y otros guisos con tomatillos o tomates verdes 

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