Ariel Liquid Blue - 1 liter

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Brand:  Ariel
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Ariel Liquid Blue
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Ariel Liquid blue 1 liter

Ariel Liquid is a product developed with one of the most modern techniques in cleaning, besides having a rich aroma. All this allows Ariel Liquid to penetrate deep into the fibers & removes even the hardest stains, while protecting your clothes so they will look like new for a long a time, and with a fresh & clean scent.

Its easy to use. All you need is the cap. What you need to do is apply the liquid as indicated by the applicator, put some of it onto to the stain to reassure it will be removed, afterward apply the rest of the product into the washer. And then you'll be ready with fresh, clean & impeccable clothes.

Ariel 7 Soluciones Liquido es un producto que a sido desarollado con las tecnicas mas modernas de limpieza y con un rico aroma. Esto permite que Ariel Oxianillos liquido penetre mejor y profundamente en las fibras para remover hasta las manchas mas dificiles, y al mismo tiempo protejera sus prendas para que sigan como nuevas por mas tiempo, ademas de dejarlas con un aroma fresco y limpio.

Es muy facil de usar, la tapa es lo unico que necesitas. Lo que tienes que hacer es aplicar el liquido como te lo indique el aplicador, ponga un poco en la mancha para preparar tu prenda para asegurar que se quite, despues aplique el resto del producto en la lavadora y listo! Su ropa quedara fresca, limpia e impecable.

Product Reviews
Ariel Liquid Blue - 1 liter
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Morrice, MI
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Scent!
May 12, 2014

Ariel laundry detergent was a random purchase for me and I'm glad I decided to try out this product! Not only does Ariel provide great cleaning action but it also leaves a pleasant scent on your clothes unlike other laundry detergents that will either leave little to no scent after drying or others that are too over powering that smell cheap. I will be buying this brand/product from now on. I have to say Ariel is better than large name brands like Tide.
Great scent left on clothes, great cleaning action keeping clothes bright and removing stains.
There are absolutely no cons to this product because its one of the best on the market.
5 Stars

Review for Ariel Liquid Oxianillos Blue
December 10, 2010

The best liquid detergent ever. I used it living in Germany, the fragrance is to die for. I will NEVER use anything else.

5 Stars

Review for Ariel Liquid Oxianillos Blue
May 9, 2010

smells great too


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