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Vinyl tablecloths and place mats are a simple and low cost way to change your kitchen décor. Bring a lovely accent and keep your table protected with one of Charoplex vinyl tablecloths, they will provide protection from spills and splatters especially if you have children in the house, and they will give your table a fresh look as they are notably popular and also useful for outdoor, RV, patio or boat use. Vinyl tablecloths come in different sizes to fit square plastic tables, rectangular picnic tables, round tables, and wood or glass tables. If you need one for a patio table, they are so resistible they can be left on the table and they will withstand rain. But since Vinyl tablecloths are easily cleaned and washed they can be used other than for covering, decorating and protecting your table, you can use them to make clean-up easier by putting one under the baby’s high chair, put one in the car when you take your dog for a ride, use it for finger painting and other messy activities and if you’re going camping, you can put one under your sleeping bag to protect you from the damp soil.

MexGrocer is proud to give you access to our broad selection of vinyl tablecloths and Placemats from Charoplex to change your kitchen décor and make your life a little less complicated.

Vinyl Tablecloths: Are made with cotton and polyester fabric, laminated with a PVC film, previously printed with 4 inks and coated with a clear PVC film, to provide luster and wear resistance. They have consistent quality, attractive colors, they maintain their brightness, does not fade, its easy to clean, odorless, with high durability they come in different drawings and colors, with guaranteed multiple wiping resistance. Choose from Red Gingham, Orange Color Cups and Fiesta White designs all in different sizes that go from rectangular, square, round and oval, to decorate your table with colorful designs. They are so easily washable and prevent liquids from leaking through.

Placemats: If you don’t want to use a table cloth, you can use placemats instead. They are made with the same materials as tablecloths: cotton and polyester fabric, laminated with a PVC film to provide luster and wear resistance. Placemats also by Charoplex offer your kitchen and patio tables the same protection, durability, brightness, ease when cleaning, they won’t fade, are odorless, with high durability and they come in different drawings and colors. Choose from Red Gingham, Orange Color Cups design and Fiesta Design – White, they are reversible so you can use whatever side you like better, so it’s like having two placemats for the price of one. They are perfect for the kitchen table, patio table, and perfect for your boat or RV.

Whether you want to buy table cloths or placemats for your kitchen table, at you’ll be able to find the right colors, selection and products at the lowest prices, no matter what your needs may be. So go ahead and shop with ease, securely and safely at!

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