White Mexican Style Cheese Skewers

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This Mexican style appetizer will make your mouth water until you try it.

Total Time:30 minutes
Preparation:10 minutes
Cook Time:20 minutes



800 g of covadonga cheese, cut into 3 cm squares2 ripe avocados, cut into slices and halved1 can 200g chipotle chilies24 toothpicks

SALSA:1/2 teaspoon2 cloves garlic, peeled2 fresh serrano peppers, roasted4 green tomatoes, roasted1 bottle of 227g green parsley1/3 cup water4 tablespoons chopped onion20 twigs of cilantro, washed and chopped


In a molcajete, blender or processor grinds the salt with the garlic, the serrano peppers and the green roasted tomatoes. Stir in the green sauce, water and chopped onion. Serve the sauce in a deep sauce and garnish with cilantro. Form skewers with toothpicks, grilled cheese, chipotle pepper, avocado and cheese. On a large platter place the sauce in the center decorated with onion and cilantro, and around skewers. Serve immediately.

This Mexican style appetizer will make your mouth water until you try it.

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White Mexican Style Cheese Skewers

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