Rebanaditas / Watermelon Mexican Candy - 40 ct

Rebanaditas / Watermelon Mexican Candy
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Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon by Candy Pop 40 pieces

Acidulated hard candy lollipops w/chili watermelon flavor

Dulces Vero is the largest hard candy and other sugar candy confectionary products in Mexico. It was founded over 50 years ago in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico by Angel Ibarra Davila. The company is vertically integrated with 20 different plants, manufactures over 300 sku's and employs 5,000 persons. Candy Pop


Rebanaditas Sandia Paletas

Paletas de caramelo macizo acidulada y enchilada sabor a sandia.

"Grupo Dulces Vero" está constituido por mas de 20 empresas, incluyendo fábricas, distribuidoras, imprenta y empresas de auto transporte y servicios; da empleo a más de 5,000 personas y ofrece a sus consumidores una variedad de más de 300 productos. Candy Pop.


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By Sherrie
Canton, NY
August 13, 2022
Awesome spicy and sweet flavor. I have gotten my grandchildren hooked on them now too
By Shadia
Cannot get enough
August 23, 2020
I love watermelon and I love chili. Great product.
By Zaira
March 29, 2020
Love the watermelon flavor
By Ryan
Parkersburg, WV
March 4, 2019
Old school nostalgia
It's candy Too much watermelon candy not enough chili coating
When i was young
August 6, 2016
I would go thro 6-8 a day
By Alan C.
Dallas, Tx
Simply Delicious!
March 24, 2016
I love these lollipops. They start hot and spicy at first and then you can slowly start to taste the watermelon sweetness afterwards and before you know it it's completely sweet!
Delicious Sometimes the outer layer of spicy and hot melts and becomes gooey but it's still delicious as hell in that condition.
By Claudia
Love it
March 14, 2016
Tasty Little to much chili
By Jaime
The sweet spot for lollipops
August 12, 2013
You start off with a sour and spicy coating but you work yourself the middle and then it's coasting all the way with sweet. My friend would bring me some back from mexico back in high school.
It's sweet, sour and spicy. Eating more than one might damage your tongue and the roof of your mouth, ouch.
By James
Yum yum yum
May 28, 2013
An amazing blend of sweet and spicy, the flavors work so well together you'll find yourself having trouble putting them down. It's not hard to go through a whole bag of these little wonders in a short amount of time -- even if it makes the ol' tongue a bit sore.
Perfect sweet and spicy blend A bit rough on the tongue, rough surfaces on something you lick can get a bit irritating.
By Joseph
Risandias watermelon
July 4, 2012
I love this candy, it have a perfect gaste betwen de spicy ad the sweetness.
By James m.
Oak Harbor, Wa.
Love it!
June 1, 2012
I buy this candy again and again. I love it. The spiciness and sweetness are perfect together. My favorite candy! Mexgrocer offers the best deals on Mexican candy and I have shopped around.
By Kirsten
Review for Vero Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon
October 17, 2011
These are so so so delicious. They are the same ones I grew up on and bring back great memories. :D
By Olga
Review for Vero Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon
December 28, 2010
My co-worker swore on these and I could not imagine the taste. At first I found it kind of gross but after the first one, I have been addicted to them since. I already ordered one bag and have introduced them to several friends who also have ordered. LOVE THEM !
By Deborah
Review for Vero Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon
December 9, 2010
My fiance LOVES these lollipops. So whenever a holiday comes around I make sure to order him a bag! They are great!
By CandyLovR
Review for Vero Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon
October 5, 2010
I moved to another state, and they dont see this here and I absolutely LOVE this product, and Im so glad to kno that I can buy it whenever I want, now!
By Derek
Review for Vero Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon
September 29, 2010
YUMMY!! Excellent blend of sweet, spicy and sour!
By Marina H.
Review for Vero Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon
August 12, 2010
Loved them. Product was fresh and they arrived in a timely manner. Will order again when I need to.
By Karen M.
Review for Vero Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon
May 15, 2010
This was verry good i like the spice mix with the sweetness of the watermelon.
By Tracie
Review for Vero Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon
January 20, 2010
Absolutely love these suckers! Great mixture of sweet, sour and spicy.
By gardenia g.
Review for Vero Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon
December 25, 2009
this is great, it's my favorite since i was little. It is a spicy lollipop! great, it's spicy but not too spicy in the beginning, then it's half spicy half sweet, the completly sweet. (: its great!
By Suzanne C.
Review for Vero Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon
June 5, 2009
this candy is the best candy in the world, & I love it & it's delicious and spicy; [:
By bob
Review for Vero Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon
March 29, 2009
the best candy in the world guys and girls
By christina
Review for Vero Rebanaditas / Risandias Watermelon
March 25, 2009
amazing...kind of sour at first but then in the middle a mixture of sweet cany and then at the end totally sweet


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