Jalapenos in Vinegar Mexican Recipe

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Chiles en Vinagre y Escabeche

Cook Time:30



10 chiles cuaresmeņos or jalapenos cut into strips (rajas)10 serrano chilis cut into strips (rajas)3 carrots peeled and cut1 handful of green onions, without the tail (or stem)3 garlic cloves cut in half1/2 cup of sliced green beans1/2 cup of nopales1/2 cauliflower cut into florettes1 cup of vinegarany one or a combination of the following spices: oregano, cilantro, mint, epazote or parsleyoilsalt


1. Lightly fry all the vegetables together in oil.Add a cup of water, sat and the spices. Let boil for 5 minutes and add the vinegar. Let cool.Serve or jar.

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Chiles en Vinagre y Escabeche

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Jalapenos in Vinegar Mexican Recipe

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