Te de Siete Azahares - Seven Blossoms Tea - 8 Bags

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Te de Siete Azahares - Seven Blossoms Tea
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Seven Blossoms Flowers Tea Bags 8 Bags

Are you experiencing stress or difficulty to sleep? Seven Blossoms tea is the perfect remedy for you, since this popular Mexican tea is known for being beneficial to the cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems. It combines 7 different herbal ingredients (chamomile, rose petals, tilo star, passion flower, linden flower and anise seeds) which gives the tea its unique name "Seven Blossoms". The tea is all natural and caffeine free which makes it ideal for people who want to relieve stress and are seeking relaxation, as it provides a soothing effect that helps you to sleep well.


Te de Siete Azahares marca El Guapo 8 Bolsitas

Tienes estres o dificultad para dormir? El tea de Siete Azahares es el remedio perfecto para ti, ya que es un te muy popular en Mexico conocido por ser benefico para el sistema cardiovascular, el sistema nervioso y el sistema inmunol


Te de Siete Azahares - Seven Blossoms Tea

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