Tortilla "chicken pasta" Recipe

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Pasta a base de Tortillas de Harina y Pollo

Cook Time:30



2 cups fresh Basil leaves1/2 cup Olive Oil2 Garlic Cloves1/2 cup shredded Romano Cheese2 tsp. Salt2 tsp. Tabasco Sauce2 12oz. cans cooked, diced Chicken or 3 Chicken Breasts boneless, skinless2 Tbsp. Salt1 Tbsp. Black Pepper1 Tbsp. Butter2 Tbsp. Garlic Powder4 cups frozen mixed Vegetables1 pkg. Mission® Burrito Size Flour Tortillas


1. Preheat broiler or set oven on highest setting. Prepare pesto sauce by combining washed and dried basil leaves, olive oil and garlic in a food processor. Process ingredients until blended, and pour into a separate container. Add romano cheese, salt and tabasco, or other hot sauce. Mix well and set aside.

2. Wash and drain baby greens and set aside.

3. For pasta"" filling, cut chicken breasts into small cubes or chunks on a clean cutting surface, and place in a hot sauté pan with 1 Tbsp. of butter. Add seasonings and continue to cook until done.

4. In the meantime, place fozen vegetables in a saucepan and cook on medium heat until just warm. Once chicken is cooked and vegetables are warm, mix both together in a bowl.

5. In a microwaveable dish, melt 1/4 cup butter. Cut flour tortillas into 4 equal size triangles. Brush melted butter across one triangle and place chicken/vegetable mixture in the middle. Fold the point of the triangle over to the opposite side and form a pocket over the filling. With a fork, press along the edges of the pocket to seal the ends together in a scallop pattern. Repeat the process until you have made approximately 30 tortilla pastas"".

6. Spread a small amount of pesto sauce on the bottom of a shallow casserole dish and place pasta"" in a single layer over the sauce. Once the dish is full, spread more pesto sauce on top of the pasta"" and sprinkle with the extra romano cheese. Place casserole dish in the broiler for approximately 4 minutes, or until the top of the pasta"" is golden brown.

7. Arrange 5 tortilla pastas"" on a plate in a circular pattern and place baby greens in the middle. Whisk vinaigrette one more time and pour a small amount over the baby greens. Serve while hot! Tortilla pasta"" and sauce may be prepared ahead of time and frozen.

Enjoy this delicious tortilla pasta Mexican recipe!

Pasta a base de Tortillas de Harina y Pollo

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Tortilla "chicken pasta" Recipe

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