Eggs Motulenos - Huevos Motuleņos Recipe

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Huevos Motuleņos from Motul, Yucatan Mexico

Cook Time:20



2 Corn Tortillas3 1/4 cups Tomato Sauce1/4 cup Salsa2 Eggs fried1/2 cup cooked, shredded Pork heated2 Tbsp. Peas at room temperature4 slices Plaintain sliced diagonally a 1/2" thick and slightly flattened1/4 cup Refried Beans heatedVegetable Oil


1. Heat refried beans. Fry corn tortillas in hot oil, over medium heat, until lightly brown. Drain on paper towels. Reserve oil in skillet.

2. Fry 2 eggs. Fry plaintain slices in the reserved oil until browned on each side. Drain on paper towels.

3. Blend together the tomato sauce and salsa. Spread sauce on serving plate, reserving 2 tablespoons of sauce.

4. Place heated refried beans on top of sauce. Top with a corn tortilla, then the eggs, then the other tortilla, the remaining sauce, shredded pork, peas and plaintain slices. Serve immediately.

Video in Spanish for How to make Huevos Motulenos o Como hacer Huevos Motuleņos de ProfecoTV

Huevos Motuleņos from Motul, Yucatan Mexico

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Eggs Motulenos - Huevos Motuleņos Recipe

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