Red Snapper Mismaloya

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A delicious meal that has a strong seafood flavor but still has that mexican touch of the salsa.

Total Time:55 minutes
Preparation:15 minutes
Cook Time:40 minutes



SAUCE:9 oz. tomatillos5oz. chile pasilla, deveined2 tablespoons vegetable oil2 garlic cloves, chopped1 white onion, finely choppedground black pepper to tasste1 teaspoon dried thyme2 bay leaves1/2 cup chicken stocksalt to tasteFISH:4 filets red snapperjuice of 2 limes4 tablespoons of olive oilsalt and pepper to taste

GARNISH:2 banana leaves cut to size of plates2 cups cooked black beans1 chile poblano, cut into rings and lightly fried8 scallions, griddle-roasted4 cactus pads, boiled2 tomatoes2 oranges, sliced thinlychimichurri sauce


SAUCE: Roast tomatillos and chiles on a griddle. Hweat oil in a saucepan and fry garlic and onion until transparent. Mix in tomatillos and chiles and season with pepper, adding thyme and bay leaves. Add chicken stock and cook for 5 minutes or until boiling. Adjust seasoning. Allow to cool slightly then blend and strain.

FISH: Preheat oven at 300 degrees F for 30 minutes. Sprinkle fish with lime juice and season with salt and pepper. Heat oil in a skillet and brown filets on each side. Put fish in a baking dish, spread with a little pasilla sauce and cook in oven until tender.

TO SERVE: Place a banana leaf on each plate and spread the pasilla sauce. Arrange a fish filet on top with a line of chimichurri sauce down the center. At one side serve the beans with rings of chile poblano and two scallions. Score nopales deeply lengthwise, fold in half and place next to the filet. With a vegetable peeler remove the tomato skins in narrow strips then coil to form 4 "flowers". Place one on each plate. Decorate with orange slices.

A delicious meal that has a strong seafood flavor but still has that mexican touch of the salsa.

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Red Snapper Mismaloya

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