Heavenly Horchata Beverage Recipe

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Receta para preparar Agua de Horchata

Cook Time:5



1 envelope Klass Horchata powder drink mix1 qt your choice of Milkcrushed ice


Mix the Horchata powder mix envelope with the one quart of your choice of milk. Sweeten to taste. Pour in an 8 oz glass half filled with crushed ice, top the drink with Cinnamon sugar poured over ice.

If you want to make Horchata from scratch, here is another easy and authentic Horchata recipe from Marisol:

Soak 2 cups of rice in water for a half hour add a teaspoon of cinnamon and blend (in blender) empty into a pitcher (with all the little sand like rice that's in there it's the flavor of the drink), add a can of evaporated milk, fill with water and add sugar to taste. THAT IS AUTHENTIC HORCHATA!!!

Enjoy this delicious horchata Mexican food recipe!

Receta para preparar Agua de Horchata

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Heavenly Horchata Beverage Recipe

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