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Mariquitas Plantain Chips
Brand: Mariquitas
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Mariquitas Lightly salted, sweeter-than-bananas plantain chips. (platano macho)


The plantain or platano macho is a banana, musa paradisiaca, which is eaten cooked rather than raw. Plantain are eaten in most tropical countries, including Mexico.

Platanos Macho or Plantains are large bananas, big, hard, and somewhat starchy, normally served fried.

The regular common banana is referred to as platano Tabasco. The somewhat smaller and fatter one is a platano manzano with a tart apple taste. The tiny ones are platanos dominico and taste like pineapple. The reddish one is the platano morado and is usually stewed with sugar and rum.

Plantains can be boiled, baked, or fried and served as a vegetable or made into a sweet dessert, depending on the degree of ripeness of the fruit. Plantain chips can also be eaten as a snack.


The plantain fruit is primarily carbohydrate, approximately 40 grams per 1/2 banana and about 180 calories. Like the common yellow banana, the fruit is very high in potassium approximately 500 milligrams per serving.

Mariquitas Plaintain Chips

Botana de platanitos ligeramente salados y más dulces que los plátanos. (platano macho).

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Mariquitas Plantain Chips

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