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When it comes to parties it can be a difficult task choosing what kinds of refreshments to serve, some prefer healthier drinks that have less sugar especially for children’s parties but it can be challenging to find a drink that will satisfy your guests or your kids. That’s why the ideal beverages to serve are citrus drinks, after all no one can resist the sweet and tangy flavors of a good citrus soda or juice. The best part is that they have less sugar, but an amazing fruit flavor that is both refreshing and healthy. Mexico is known for their citrus drinks and sodas, and there are so many great brands and delicious flavors, that it truly is an adventure to try all of them.

Listed below are some of the best citrus soda brands you’ll find at that are sure to make your parties or meals more lively and delicious, because meals taste even better with citrus sodas. So spice up and add flavor to your next party with some refreshing citrus soft drinks.


Jarritos citrus drinks have existed for more then 50 years and are known as Mexico’s first national soft drinks. Today they are the leading soda brand in the country, that is famous for its unique bottle packaging (plastic and glass), as well as its constantly growing list of fruit flavors. This soda is most commonly sold in supermarkets and Mexican restaurants, since they’re the best accompaniment to a delicious meal. Jarritos are made with 100% natural sugar and their unique lists of flavors include: toronja (grapefruit), lime, mandarin, tamarind, strawberry, fruit punch, pineapple, mango and mineragua varieties. Mineragua is a refreshing mineralized and flavored carbonated water that will give you a boost of energy and is also an ideal drink to have after a heavy meal since it provides relief to the digestive system. Also try “Jarritos Light” which is a healthier version of the original drink since it contains less sugar but the same great taste and flavors of the Jarritos brand you love.

If you’re looking for a healthy drink to serve at your children’s parties or to add to their lunch meals at school “Jarritos Kids” is the ideal citrus drink for them. Kids love their fruit flavors that will give them a healthy boost of energy since it is fortified with vitamins C, E, B6 and B12, as well as help them grow strong and healthy. Some of Jarritos Kids flavors include strawberry, grape, pineapple, mango and mandarin.


The ideal drink for kids and adults alike are the famous Chaparritas del Naranjo, and just as their famous slogan states “there’s no comparision” no other soft drink compares to these original fruit juice beverages that are both irresistible and healthy. Chaparritas are a non-carbonated drink that is made with natural fruits that attribute to its high quality taste. The result is a beverage like no other and that stays true to its famous slogan. Chaparritas exist in three flavors tangerine, grape and pineapple. If you can’t choose one flavor then has the perfect solution for you. Try our Assorted Flavors pack that carries these 3 great flavors so you won’t have to choose and instead be able enjoy their great fruit taste.

Sangria Senorial

This tangy sangria flavored soft drink has a unique and refreshing taste that is incomparable to any other soda brands. It is a favorite in Mexico and with great reason, it’s a high quality soft drink that is made with wine grapes, cane sugar, carbonated water and essence of lemon for a tangy fruity flavor that is irresistible.

Sidral Mundet

This refreshing apple flavored soft drink is a favorite among kids and adults. Its unique and addictive taste is due to its ingredients since it is made with fresh apple juice and no artificial flavors. It has remained popular because it is a carbonated drink that is both delicious and healthy. Sidral Mundet is also known for its nourishing and hydrating abilities which make it a great remedy for stomach aches. For another great apple tasting soda try Sidral’s Manzana Verde and Sidral Aga Manzana.

Other Soda Brands

Other recommended fruit flavors that are deliciously fruity, healthy and refreshing are Penafiel, Caballitos, Fanta and Topo Chico. Whether you want to quench your thirst with mineral water or crave the scrumptious taste of fruit has all the brands and flavors you need.

If you need citrus sodas for your next party or just don’t know what flavor or brand to choose from, then MexGrocer has the perfect package for you. Our assorted Mexican soda pack has over five of Mexico’s best brands and all of your favorite fruit flavors.

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