Chaparritas El Naranjo

ChaparritasChaparritas El Naranjo is a non carbonated fruit Mexican soft drink produced in Mexico by Grupo Mezgo. Uncarbonated refreshment sodas made in Mexico since 1947.

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Chaparritas El Naranjo

The Chaparritas soft drinks are manufactured and distributed by Grupo Mezgo, a company that was founded in 1937 and that marked the birth of their most popular brand: Chaparritas. Grupo Mezgo started a small but successful business, focused on the extraction of pineapple juice in order to be sold in bulk.

Ten years later Grupo Mezgo started producing bottled beverages with fruit flavors such as pineapple, grape, mandarin and grapefruit, under the “El Naranjo” brand but due to the unique characteristics and size of these beverages they became known as “Chaparritas el Naranjo” in 1953, since Chaparritas means small in Spanish. They were sold in the small glass bottles we know today which give them their unique appearance and name.

The idea behind Chaparritas was to create a high quality soft drink beverage, a product that was non-carbonated, pasteurized and with all the properties and nutrients of the fruits from which they are made from. These soft drinks have been a favorite in Mexico for generations, especially amongst kids who love these beverages. So bring the tradition to your home and treat your kids with the tangy fruity flavors of Chaparritas!

Chaparritas el Naranjo is exactly like its famous slogan states, they’re incomparable!

Get more information of Chaparritas El Naranjo Chaparritas the leading non carbonated drink from Mexico.

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