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La Costena Mexican FoodsLa Costeña celebrates 90 years Anniversary since it was founded in Mexico City in 1923

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La Costeña company was born in 1923, when Vicente Lopez Resines acquired a grocery store called La Costeña. The store obtained its high popularity thanks to their famous Serrano peppers, these chiles were large, soaked in vinegar and packaged in small alcoholic containers. During this time Vicente began to experiment with new ways to package his products such as cans and jars. He also amplified the company’s inventory by including olives soaked in olive oil, which became an instant success for the time period.

Due to the rapid growth and popularity of the brand, La Costena moved to new installations in the street of Beethoven located on Calzada de Guadalupe in Mexico City during 1928. Its growth continued until the company had to relocate once more to a larger site in Mexico City during 1931. Seven years later in the company reached its peak in popularity and with it a new product was born: the capers. During this year La Costena exceeded the owner’s initial expectations of just being a simple grocery store and evolved into a famous brand.

With the passing of the years and the company’s continued growth and popularity they found themselves relocating many more times. In 1945 they moved to the street of Moctezuma in the Aragon county of Mexico where they lasted two decades, then in 1948 the first La Costena factory was built in Mexico City and 1968 this same factory was expanded to meet the needs of the amount of products they were producing. This era also marked not just the expansion of the factory but of the brand itself which began to distribute their products all throughout the country. La Costena became known as a brand that offered high quality foods that were low cost and easy to prepare. The company soon moved to Ecatepec a state in Mexico where they acquired a much larger factory which keeps operating to this very day.

La Costena’s most crucial era was during 1975 when Vicente decided to venture into the American market by exporting his chili peppers and sauces to the North American country. This allowed him to tend to the needs of a rapidly growing market in the U.S. that was becoming so popular and that had long been forgotten: the Hispanic market. This career move proved to be a successful one, which marked the company’s solid presence in this new market as they became an instant hit in the United States.

During 1986 the company decided to change their packaging and instead of sealing them with lead they began to seal them using an electrostatic method which made the products safer for consumers and protected the environment as well. La Costena acquired another factory in Sinaloa, Mexico where they produce their most famous products including tomato and vegetable sauces. It wasn’t until 1994 when they introduced their successful line of canned bean products with an innovative presentation on their packaging. Soon after in 1997 they implemented the simple seal on their canned foods that allowed them to be opened with ease, as well as acquiring another factory in San Luis Potosi. The company continued to evolve in 2000 with the launch of their newest product Dona Chonita and new packaging for their sauces: the squeeze bottle. More new products followed in 2007 with the introduction of their ready to serve soups and creams, which allowed the company to show their unique style and Mexican flavor.

La Costena has evolved today into a success world wide brand that can be found in almost every Mexican and foreign kitchen, with numerous factories throughout the city that operate to bring consumers delicious products they can rely on. They are a company dedicated to their costumers and their principles of distribution that include: quality and authentic flavor. It is because of this that La Costena has become one of the largest and most beloved companies in Latin America.

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