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Mexican Beverages are vital to any meal, they accompany the most elaborate dishes and appetizers. Can be served cold, cool, hot, by themselves or mixed depending on the regional differences, climate, customs and peoples preferences. Just as Mexican Gastronomy has a diverse range in traditional dishes, Mexico has a broad range in drinks. Traditional drinks represent regions and communities that still preserve the traditional production.

MexGrocer brings you a selection of concentrates and Mixes so you can accompany your dishes with an authentic Mexican drinks to get an authentic Mexican meal. For your next party, or barbecue make yourself a cold and refreshing Michelada. Prepare them with MicheMix Beer Mix, a liquid Mix used to prepare the authentic Michelada drink in an easy and practical way, maintaining a 100% natural flavor. Made with natural ingredients of the highest quality MicheMix Beer Mix turns your beer into a delicious and refreshing drink. Try MicheMix’s different flavors: MicheMix Original Micheladas Beer Mix, MicheMix Picante Micheladas Beer Mix and MicheMix Salimon Micheladas Beer Mix.

Another drink that you shouldn’t be without is the famous Clamato. A delicious and refreshing zesty drink made of a blend of tomatoes, celery, spices, onions, and clam juice. Enjoy Clamato on the beach, barbecue, and pool parties. It will surely satisfy every palate. Try Clamato Tomato Cocktail Original and Clamato Picante Tomato Cocktail. If you like Clamato, then you will like Camaronazo, its similar to Clamato but with a delicious shrimp flavor. Try Camaronazo’s 3 flavors with beer or Vodka: Camaronazo, Camaronazo Picante / Spicy Tomato & Shrimp Cocktail and Camaronazo Tomato & Shrimp Cocktail.

Aguas Frescas are very popular in Mexico, the Caribbean, United States and Central America. They are often sold in fine Mexican Restaurants, where a varied selection of aguas frescas is available and by street vendors as well. Just as Mexico’s traditional dishes are important, so are its Aguas Frescas which accompany the meals. No Mexican meal is complete without its agua fresca. Restaurants and taquerias have their aguas frescas on display in Vitroleros (glass jugs) where the drink is served ladling the drink out into glasses filled with ice. Some of the most popular flavors in Aguas Frescas include Tamarind, Jamaica (made with hibiscus flower), and Horchata (made with rice and cinnamon). Other types of aguas frescas are made with fruits like pinapple, mango, guava, lemon, melon, papaya, watermelon, to name a few. Aguas frescas is known as the Mexican name for fruit, seed and starch flavored, non-alcoholic and gaseous coolers.

MexGrocer proudly brings you some concentrate mix so you can prepare your own Aguas Frescas at home to enjoy with all of your family. They are perfect to refresh you in the summer or as a regular drink. Check out Fiesta Tamarindo Drink Concentrate, Fiesta Jamaica Drink Concentrate, Fiesta Guava Concentrate and Fiesta Mango Concentrated Drink. To prepare delicious authentic Mexican Horchata try Del Tropico Horchata, El Sol Horchata Drink Concentrate, and Certified Organic Horchata Mix by Maria Elena's Aguas Frescas just add water and enjoy!

Other brands you should try are Lime Juice - Jugo de Limon Concentrado Bokados for your snacks, seafood and anything that needs a kick of lemon juice. For a delicious desserts, gelatins, salads, to add to fruit cups and use in chutneys, as well as pureed to make your own ice cream use Roland Sliced Mangos and Roland Papaya Chunks. Try serving them out of the can with a little La Lechera condensed milk poured on top for a delicious treat.

Give yourself, friends and family the gift of authentic Aguas Frescas by getting the Aguas Frescas – Refreshing Mexican Drink Package which contains 2 Klass Mixes of each tropical fruit flavor for a total of 18 light, delicious and refreshing items and Tropical Nectar Package which contains eight nectars from tropical Mexico. Gift pack includes rich, delicious nectars of: apple, strawberry, pear, mango, guava, guanabana and tamarindo.

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