Fiesta Horchata Drink Concentrate - 16 oz

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Brand:  Fiesta
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Fiesta Horchata Drink Concentrate
Brand: Fiesta
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Brand: Fiesta
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Concentrated package of Mexican Horchata drink with rice, cinnamon and sugar. A 16 oz bottle of concentrate makes about 1 gallon of your favorite flavor. (pronounced or-CHAT-ah)


Horchata is a refreshing cold drink made of rice or rice flour, water, almonds, cinnamon, and sugar.
The Horchata drink is said to be veryhelpful for stomach aches, hangovers and when you are sick.
In Spain they drink Horchata de Chufa (Tiger Nut) which has a different flavor than the Mexican Horchata. Chufa nuts have their origin in ancient Egypt.

Fiesta Horchata Bebida Concentrada

Paquete concentrado de bebida de horchata mexicana con arroz, canela y azúcar

Product Reviews
Fiesta Horchata Drink Concentrate - 16 oz
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Wes B
5 Stars

Review for Fiesta Horchata Drink Concentrate
May 11, 2011

After a wonderful Mexican cooking class I went looking for horchata locally and could find none. This was a first try and honestly really is awesome tasting and easy to mix. I actually mix it lighter than it says on the bottle with more water which ends up more like we got when in Mexico. Truly refreshing...I now mix some up to take with me when surfing for between session refreshment!

5 Stars

Review for Fiesta Horchata Drink Concentrate
May 17, 2010

This is by far, the BEST horchata I've ever tasted. It is light, sweet and sooo refreshing, especially when served icy cold. I like to shake into a froth before pouring -- there's no other drink quite like it. Delicious!

5 Stars

Review for Fiesta Horchata Drink Concentrate
September 8, 2009

I tried other brands at Mexican Restaurants and and was not to pleased with the flavor(Ole and Juicy Whip, they both have an after taste) Then I tried Fiesta at my local Taco Shop, WOW! what a difference. I'm glad that they sell the product at my local Wal Mart!


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